September - December 2006

Photos taken before, during and after
the children’s visit to the UK
(Sept 21st - Nov 6th) (many)
Thumb nail pics (27pics), Manchester Science Museum (47pics), Letters received (75pics)
Nyangeta’s new leg (6pics), Baby Ruth (22pics), Forever Angels (1 pic), 
Groups of children (43 pics), Singing Practice (73 pics),  Blackpool Zoo (142 pics),
Asda Accrington (9 pics), Fire Station - Accrington (50 pics), Ger-Hana (47pics)
Blackburn Rovers (24 pics), Gifts from America (7 pics), October 20th (36 pics),
Accrington College awards (15 pics), Bethany Hillside Nursery (19 pics),
Paul and Rebecca’s wedding (66 pics), September 28th (25 pics), Trutex Boxes arrive (4 pics)
St. Thomas’s Centre (43 pics), An English Playground (10 pics), Schools Work (92 pics)
B&Q visit (14pics), Ripon Cathedral (9pics), Central Gospel Mission, Nelson (27pics),
Local Primary School Tanz. (23 pics), Jemma’s Pics (23pics)
Children at work (32 pics), At Play - Tanz (14pics) Individual children (101 pics),
Water carrying (20 pics), Hapiness (2 pics), Manchester and Doha Airports (13 pics)
Arrival - Bethany (17 pics), Nairobi Airport 4hour wait (27 pics), Trampoline (18pics),
York visit (19pics)

Video footage:

Accrington College presentation (2.28mins - 28meg)

Feedback from the Children’s visit
Hello, I watched your show today at school. I feel really privileged to have seen the song and dance show today, the children were so friendly and kind and so happy, it made me think how lucky I am to have a caring mum & dad. I was thinking about all the great things I have in life and I was nearly crying !!! They are so happy and they don’t get half the things I do.”
Over 45 emails were received (click here to read more)

Firstly a very big THANK YOU for the warm welcome the children received wherever they went during the visit.

Secondly and very important: (updated 12th Dec) If you are thinking of the possibility of visiting Bethany Tanzania it is important that you come to one of our monthly meetings to meet the UK team (next one is Sunday the 7th Jan 2007 - click here). At the meeting we can discuss everything you will need to know and answer any questions. You will also need to fill out a 4 page application form. If you are under 18 you will need to be part of a group which has an adult leader in charge. Trips need to be booked early and leaving it till later may be too late!

Monthly meetings: Now held on Sunday afternoons not Saturday mornings (From Jan. 2007)
Forever Angels: (Children’s home for babies, Mwanza): Two of our older girls Mwanaidi and Neema are now receiving three months free training looking after the babies at the home. They will return home to visit Bethany every month and we hope they will find permanent jobs after their training. Click here for pics

Trip to Bethany Tanzania 13th to 21st September: Jemma Turner and Graham Pountain made the trip mainly to make sure everything was OK for the journey to England and also to accompany the group dealing with any problems enroute. Jemma stayed with the children throughout their stay.

Trip to England: This is now completed and the children are back with their brothers and sisters at Bethany Tanzania. We visited over 100 schools (click here to see the list) _________ churches (click here to see the list) and ____ other organisations (click here to se the list) We received over 45 emails commenting on the children’s visit (click here to read comments).

There is a separate web site dedicate to the trip - click here to view.

New children: During the 13th -21st Sept trip Bethany accepted 12 children from Kuleana (a children’s rescue centre) on a temporary basis. These children were later returned but it is likely that three of these children will become permanent members of Bethany. On our return to Bethany we admitted a new girl Happiness Barthazary (DOB 12/06/1996) (Click here to see  pics) 

Building work: We are only completing maintenance work at the moment. The volunteer accommodation block is still a possibility and we still need to refurbish the boys dorm,

Children’s health: No major issues at present
Power shortages continue throughout Tanzania due to the lack of rainfall needed to provide power for the hydroelectric generators.
Monthly Supporters / Enquirers Meetings: The dates for the next three meetings which are now held on Sunday afternoons are: 7th Jan - 4th Feb - 4th March 2007.  They are held at the Hope Centre, Ossy. 2pm. Everyone welcome. (click here for details)

Future trips -----------------------------

Staff changes:
Pen pals group web site: This group continues to write to our children with letters of encouragement. Some pen pals are now becoming sponsors. Our visiting teams help write letters for the children. Click on the headings to see the photos:

Click here to see the web site and apply to join.

Sponsorship web site: Shana who runs our Penpals web site is also hosting a web site dedicated to helping those who want to know more about sponsorship.
Click here to join the sponsorship web site.


Sponsorship - Finance: As ever - finance is an ongoing concern. For those still considering sponsoring or co-sponsoring please see our list of names for sponsorship. Click here
To learn more about sponsorship we have produced a 4 page Question and Answer sheet (click here).

Money boxes: As you can see our total collected from the money boxes is over £2,434 as of 7th July 2006. We initially intended running the money box scheme for 12 months (May 2005 to May 2006) but have now decided to continue the boxes with new labels for the tins for another 12 months to coincide with the children’s visit. Cathy Riley is now looking after the new money boxes, both issuing them, banking the proceeds and issuing receipts. If you want one email Bex and she will pass on your request to Cathy.


Satellite Internet: No further news

Possible bore hole: No further news. 

Mains Power: No news, no change. Still patiently waiting


And Finally: Thank you so much for being interested enough in our work to be reading this. Even more if by your donation you have made this work possible.

N.B. (Please note that this web site is accessible world wide and so we are very careful to only publish the bare facts as truthfully as possible. There are often circumstances upon which decisions have been made which we feel unable to publish. Please contact us directly if you need to know more)





Photos taken on the July - August trip (over 800)

New outfits for the Bethany Choir (34pics), Doing the chores (16pics), Line dancing! (96pics)

English Lessons (34pics), Skipping and Games (25pics), Groups of Children (14pics)

Individual children (56pics), Donated percussion Instruments (9pics), Letters received (46pics)

Letters sent (3pics), Letter writing (67pics), New children (12pics), Return trip (52pics)

Singing practice (137pics), Sunrise - sunsets (70pics), Donated towels & clothes (11pics)

Trip -outbound (38pics), Views from the water tank (14pics), Visiting Teams (70pics)

Wildlife (20pics)

REPORTS by visiting group members: Cathy Riley, Rebecca Dyer, Karen Ross,

Photos taken on the July trip:

Letters received, (53pics), General interest (24pics)

Photos taken on the June-July Trip (over 750)

Dave at work (11pics), Amy Tew (15 pics),  New girl - Pendo (4pics)

Building work (30pics), Rhona and Stanley Burns (12pics), English Exams (32pics)

Stanley and Rhona’s photos (63pics), July Volunteer’s children (17pics),

Children working (21pics), Children Playing (29pics) Individual Children (79pics),

Groups children (16pics), Waiting for the bus (38pics), Sleepinn arrival (50pics),

 Sleepinn breakfast (24pics), Children with passports group A (12pics),

Children with passports group B (11pics), Children with passports group C (11pics),

Bus depot -1 (28pics), Bus depot -2 (20pics), Children and chips (17pics),

Letters received (43pics), Letter writing (33pics), Satellite Dish (11pics)
Children practicing dance and singing (95pics), Sunrise (34pics)


click here to download (low qualilty), click here to download (medium qualilty)


Photos from the April trip (over 550 photos)

New Children (13pics), Children at work (31pics), ‘100th Child’ party (50pics)

Building work-new classrooms etc. (28pics),  Letters received (34pics),

Letter writing (12pics), Joinery work (50pics), Plumbing work (26pics),
Teaching the children (English) (17pics), Children’s tooth care (9pics), Play (27pics),
Games (14pics), New seesaw (21pics), Singers (30pics), Visiting team (43pics),
Sponsored children (28pics), Groups of children (35pics), Individual children (50pics),

Members of the July Trip (4pics),  Sunrise/sets (29pics)
Reports on the trip by: John Brindle, Wendy Whitaker
and from a previous trip July 2005 by Gary Nolan

Photos from the March Trip (over 360) click on the various headings

Airport (15pics), Building work (29pics), Famine relief (8pics), Food! (37pics),
Groups of children (57pics), Individual children (88pics), Letters received (35pics),
Letter writing (25pics), Melissa (7pics), New children (22pics), Sunrise/sets (46pics)
Children working the land (22pics)

Photos from the January 2006 Trip (over 300) click on the various headings

New children (8pics), The visiting team (65pics), Villagers (105pics)

Inividual children (108pics), Groups of children (19pics), Activities (9pics)

Dining room (17pics), Singing (45pics), Awards (9pics), Letters (70pics)


Children’s Trip to UK 2004 - details and over 800 photos Click here

Support/Sponsorship Click here

money box -150pix


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‘Our God is an awesome God’

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‘Our God is an awesome God’

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Video tour of the new dorm

dorm 2000202


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England Sept-Oct 2006


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This year for the first time we have produced a 2 page newsletter which can be downloaded and printed on any A4 printer.
If you know of people who support the project but don’t have internet access then perhaps you could print off a copy for them to see.
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 74 children need

Here are some of them
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Blackpool Zoo -2 - 200

Anna and the beast!


Bethany at Asda Accrington


Bahati and cooking pots

Blackpool Zoo - 200

Blackpool Zoo


Jemma at Bethany

Accy firestation -2 -200

Accrington Firestation


B & Q Blackburn

Countries wealth compared
For every £7 the Tanzanian government has to spend (GDP) on each person these are the figures for comparison







South Africa


United Kingdom


As you can see both Kenya and Uganda have nearly twice as much money to spend per person as Tanzania whilst the South African government has 17 times the amount to spend on it’s people.
The UK government has 44 times the amount to spend per person.
Click here to see  the source of these figures.

Below are listed the videoed songs in WMV format.
Even though each one lasts no more than a few minutes they are large files and may take several minutes to download
(especially if you only have a dial-up modem).
Click on the title to download

Blessed Assurance

The lion sleeps tonight

Any dream will do (Joseph’s - dreamcoat)

I the Lord of sea and Sky

My Jesus my Saviour

Lord I lift your name on high

New songs to download
New video to download
Oh be careful little eyes what you see,  Kum Ba Yah, It’s me- it’s me O Lord standing in the need of prayer, Whim away - the lion sleeps tonight.

Click here to hear Eliada with the children singing:
‘Because He Lives’