Children’s Visit
March 30th to May 14th 2004

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The Journey to England
12 hour Bus Journey
Bethany to Nairobi Airport.

(56 photos)
Flying with Emirates (6 photos)
Waiting at Dubai Airport (39 photos)
Manchester Airport (16 photos)

Visit to Spring Harvest, Skegness
The seafront, Skegness. (5 photos)
The accommodation (9 photos)
Football (16 photos)
Funfair (12 photos)
Group-work (11 photos)
---SINGING--- (38 photos)
Breakdown (9 photos)

Visit to RAF Cranwell (20 photos)
Ashleigh School, Darwen (12 photos)
Visit to Blackpool Zoo (44 photos)
Darwen Moorlands High School (21 photos)
Gawthorpe School (6 photos)
Gawthorpe Hall (26 photos)
Supporting Blackburn Rovers (25 photos)
Africa Exp. Gateway Church (39 photos)

At the Dentists (17 photos)
At the Opticians (22 photos)
Manchester Science Museum (72 photos)
Central Gospel Mission, Nelson (11 photos)
Sea Life, Blackpool (33 photos)
Blackpool Prom. (15 photos)
The Lakes (74 photos)
Rhyddings School (12 photos)

Railway Museum, York (13 photos)
Alan & Liz Kitt’s Pics (34 photos)
Burger King & Bouncy Castle (18 photos)
Blackburn Ice Arena (10 photos)
The ‘BOX’ from America (17 photos)
Worden School, Leyland (14 photos)
Lincoln Cathedral (17 photos)

Back to Tanzania (49 photos)

We are pleased to tell you that a vision we have had for some time which started to take shape in January 2002 has now come to fruition. On Tuesday March 30th at 19.05 hours an Emirates plane flight EK-19Q will land at Manchester airport. On board will be 31 Bethany Children (Tanzanian) together with 5 adult carers and the District Commissioner for Magu.

Cost: The trip costs are being met entirely from the gifts received from a small number of persons who believed the trip would offer great opportunities and help envisage and encourage the children and also to bring together those people and organisations who have supported Bethany over the years. N.B. No money has been used from Bethany funds for this trip. (click here for details of Bethany’s policy towards money donated to Bethany).


An opportunity for the children to improve their spoken and written English through interaction and socialisation with English children. (all secondary school subjects are taught in English). An opportunity to experience first hand life in an English school, to see how discipline is kept without recourse to corporal punishment and to observe and interact with children of a different culture. To experience a different culture with different priorities. An opportunity to visit various places of interest. To expand their world view. To encourage the children with their studies etc etc. The visit will also be an opportunity to visit sponsoring organisations from which the day to day running of the charity is funded.
Planning and Programme:

Schools/churches: To support our application for visas we asked supporters to consider writing us a ‘letter of invitation’. We received over 30 such letters and we will be writing shortly to each person/organisation to make arrangements for a visit. To enable the children to visit as many places as possible we are splitting the group of 31 children and 5 carers/translators into three groups.  The two larger groups will each consist of 14 people of which 4 will be girls and 8 boys together with translator and mini bus driver. The smaller group will consist of 7 children with female carer/teacher translator and two drivers.
(click here to see photos of the group). We envisage the larger groups with the older children would be better visiting secondary schools and the younger smaller group would be better visiting primary schools. We hope to have three mini buses at our disposal.

Our Children will visit in national costume, kangas for the girls and African shirts for the boys. They hope to be able to present life in Africa with songs, dancing and personal testimony. They will be happy to answer questions from the children they visit about Bethany, their own lives and about life in Tanzania. Hopefully the children they visit will also answer questions from the Tanzanian children. (click here to see a list of supporting schools/churches/organisations we have been invited/hope to visit). We will be happy to visit new schools who we have not had contact with in the past which we believe will benefit our children and the children we visit.(e-mail for possible dates etc.)

Typical school visit: We hope to be able to visit schools for a morning or afternoon session with perhaps an assembly (5/10mins with short introduction about the children and Bethany with a traditional tribal song/dance accompanied by drums) followed by longer classroom sessions with more song, dance, stories and question and answer sessions.
(click here for photos of the teams) 

 Sponsors: (click here for the list)

As mentioned earlier no funds donated to Bethany have been used to finance this trip (this has been done separately and given for that express purpose). However we have been pleased with the response from various organisations/retailers/firms who have offered various goods/services which will make the trip even more of a success.

This is in addition to the offer from various schools of helping with the development of Bethany by raising funds through things such as nonuniform days etc.  As an organisation that relies entirely on donations (both regular and one-off) we are very grateful for this support.

We give a breakdown of our spending in Tanzania linked from our index page or click here.

Recreational activities - visits to places of interest etc.

Many activities are in the planning stages and if you can help with ideas or sponsorship please contact us.

Video and DVD available:

Click here for details of two new videos available

Update Monday 9th March. Many supporters have been asking if we have any printed information about Bethany with details of the trip. We have therefore designed a simple A4 3 fold leaflet and have ordered 10,000 copies which will be ready this Friday 13th! These are available (FOC). To order just email me with how many you require. (click here).

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Children with passports


Video clip (singing) available for download (click here)
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Some of the children singing

Angelina leads singing China leads the singing