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Bethany Winter Wonderland Walk December 29th 2013
Term and Conditions

Welcome to the Bethany Project (Tanzania) UK -  Winter Wonderland Walk. We are inviting YOU to participate in our Walk to raise funds for the building of a school at our Children’s home in Tanzania. You may want to walk as an individual or you may decide to get a group together.  The choice is yours. It is so simple to participate since all the planning and organising has already been done for you by Bethany volunteers.

All you need to do is register in advance of the event (but pay on the day).  Your next step is to register as a Walker. 


This can be done by email or by post. Click here for further details


These forms are available click here.  Please ensure you are registered before you start collecting sponsors (in case of accusations that you are collecting the sponsorship for yourself).  Please also consider using the ‘Virgin money giving site’ as this is an easy way to let your friends see what you are doing and the money is paid directly to our charity (you don’t need to go round collecting it after the event). 
However, it is illegal to receive Sponsorship until you have registered.  We will acknowledge registered walkers with a walker registration number and free car parking pass.

Finding Sponsors

Now you will need to start getting Sponsors. Write down their details on the Sponsorship Form provided so that you have a permanent record. This will come in useful when you collect their sponsorship money since you will be able to see at a glance who has and who has not paid. 

On the day

Please come at least 30 mins before you intend to start the walk ( registration at the car park starts at 10am ) as this will allow time for you to pay for your registration (5 per walker in cash please) and  receive your walker authorisation badge. You can start the walk at any time once you have your badge

One of our stewards will lead you to the start point and wave you off.
The walk will take about 2.5 hours at a steady pace but remember that toilet stops etc will add to this time and sunset is at 4pm so it will soon be dark after that.

(Please remember if you don’t have a walker authorisation badge then you don’t have any insurance).

After the walk, back at the car park you will receive a certificate to say you have completed the walk.  You will need this to claim the money from your sponsors! (unless you used the ‘ Virgin Money giving’ site.

Children under 12 years

Accompanied Children 11 yrs and under go free – but they need to pre-register with the accompanying adult or they won’t be insured. On the day we ask that the accompanying adult together with the children in their care please report to the registration desk on the car park to pay the 5 per adult and for them and the children in their care to receive their walker authorisation badges.

Health and Safety

In the interest of Health & Safety and to avoid overcrowding it has been decided that walkers should start when they are ready rather than wait for a start time when a huge crowd move off together making it difficult for members of the public not on the walk to move against the flow etc. This will also prevent over-crowding on the pavement, with people stepping into the road.


Walkers are welcome to bring dogs with them but they MUST be on a lead at all times and they will be the sole responsibility of the Walker. Please clean up after them, should the need arise. 

Kit and Refreshments

Please ensure that you provide yourself with appropriate clothing and footwear. You are advised to bring, or buy along the route, snacks and drinks to sustain you. Food and drinks will be available to buy at several outlets along the route and there will be BBQ-style refreshments for sale at the end of the Walk. 


 Toilets facilities will be available at the Start/Finish, and there are similar facilities available to customers at several pubs along the route. A mobile toilet may also be situated at a convenient – (sorry, no pun intended) location if numbers warrant it.

In case of accident along the route.

Please bring with you your fully charged mobile phone so that you can phone the emergency services if required.  The signal strength is adequate throughout the walk.  Stewards will be at various locations along the route and will be aware of the best access for ambulances etc.  If assistance is required then phone Graham on 07913522883

Amendments to these terms and conditions.

The organisers retain the right to change the terms and conditions of the walk as and when required due to unforseen circumstances or for any other reason.