November 2004

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Photos from the October trip (over 400!):
Bunda/Serengeti trip (34pics), Individuals (34pics),
New children (15pics), Scenes of the standpipe and lake (20pics),

Underground tank and inlet siphon pipe (29pics), Matthew and Rachel Schofield (42pics)
Girls football team (41pics), Sunrise/set (96pics), Building work (27pics)

Groups of children (33pics), Swinging at sunset (9pics), Ariel views and others (31pics)

Latest News Graham Pountain together with Matthew and Rachel Schofield returned from a visit to Bethany Tanz on Saturday the 30th October. Below is all the latest news they brought back with them including several 100 photographs. Some of the photos were taken by Matthew and Rachel.l

Matthew and Rachel Schofield: A married couple in their mid twenties who are both secondary school geography teachers. They visited Bethany to explore the possibility of serving the project for longer (12-24months). Whilst at Bethany they visited and taught in three schools, two secondary, Sogeska secondary school where Emmakulata attends, Nassa secondary school where Rehema K attends and the local village primary school where most of our other children are taught. They also visited Bulima secondary school where Chaina, Angelina, Mwita, Rwechu and Kwekwe attend. They joined in every aspect of Bethany life and helped with some of the practical work including mending tables and the children’s swings. We also found time to drive through the Serengeit (trip to Bunda) and visit a local village church. here are some of their photographs. Trip to Bunda, Other photos of Matthew and Rachel Schofield

Daniel and Eliada (proposed marriage):   As of the 2nd November peoples gifts had added up to £170 - it’s still not too late to make a gift!  We met Eliada on the weekend of 23rd Oct and talked to her and Daniel about the forthcoming wedding. Eliada was concerned about the cost of a wedding dress and she was looking at the possibility of hiring one. The preferred style in Tanzania is a very traditional intricate (victorian!) white dress with with long train and sleeves etc. We wondered if any one reading this could help if they knew anyone who may have such a dress and would be prepared to lend or donate it for the wedding. It could then be used for other weddings as well.  We have received nearly £40 from members of Great Harwood mother’s union who made the gift after hearing a presentation about the work of Bethany and the circumstances of Daniel and Eliada.  Click here for details of how you can contribute
Children: We admitted 2 new children at the end of October and now have 68 children and our accommodation is even fuller . Dotto (13yrs) who we mentioned in October’s news is now settling in well. Our two new children are as follows: Nyangeta Lucas (8yr old girl) who had been abandoned in the local hospital (Magu) after having her foot and part of her lower leg amputated (due to an infection caused by a thorn - no shoes!). Both parents died of aids some years before and Nyangeta was being looked after by an aunt who took her to the hospital when her foot became infected. However the aunt has not been to see her since leaving her at the hospital and Nyangeta had to beg for food from relatives of other patients (no food is provided by the hospital) to survive. The social welfare are investigating to see if they can trace the aunt or other relatives able to look after Nyangeta. It is assumed that Nyangeta was abandoned because she would no longer be able to carry water and fetch firewood (having to use crutches). Our other new child was Kulwa Chacha (7yrs) a boy who again had been abandoned at the hospital. Click here for pictures of these three new children.

We also want to tell you about the football that is played at Bethany. The boys have always had a football team but now we have a girls team as well who practice at 7am every Sunday morning before worship and who play other girls teams they have organised in the village. Click here for pics

Schooling: Mwita was appointed Dormitory representative of Bulima boarding school whilst we were there. All the children are working hard at school especially the secondary school children.

Proposed School: Still some way off!
Water Supply: The team have been working very hard on this issue. They have dug out the hole for the underground reserve tank and the reinforced concrete base had been laid ready for the walls and roof to be added. The inlet pipe has been dug up and the channel lowered by about a metre so that when the inlet pipe is re-laid it should siphon much better. New fittings  were taken over together with a new air outlet valve (used to prime the siphon). The water was turned off for nearly a week as all this work was being done. We also had problems with the way we filter the water. The time switch had not been reset after a power failure and was switching the UV filter on at night and off during the day. The solenoid valve which should switch the water on and off (in line with the UV) was found to have corroded and jammed in the open position. These items will be replaced on the next visit. Scenes of the tank being built etc. Scenes of the standpipe and lake.

Underground water tank and inlet siphon pipe
Possible bore hole: Our external water supply tank is situated about 400 metres away from the lake and about 300 metres from our well (sump). Due to the problems we have encounted with the level of the lake not being constant we are looking at the possibility of drilling a bore hole at the top of our site next to the water tank. We would then not have to rely on the level of the lake or the problems associated with pumping the water for 400metres The cost is estimated at £5,000 including the pump. However we are told this would be a very reliable source of water. This is something we have not budgeted for and for which we will have to pray about.

New building work: Mostly good news! The store and new garage now have a roof covering them and the doors are under construction. The underground tank is progressing well. The sand is being delivered and the cement  purchased ready to make the 4,000+ concrete blocks needed for the new girls dormitory. Our thanks go to Jeff Taylor from OCC for drawing up the plans for the new dormitory and also to the two building teams who are making plans for trip in January and March next year. Click here to see some of the new building work
Future Trips:
November trip The trip is now booked and consists of a party of young people, all from OCC (Oswaldtwistle Community Church). They have been busy preparing for the trip and are learning the language and have even learnt two Swahili songs, Alipo Bwana and Mungu yu mwema (God is good). Sadly we have only managed to get 20 kilos of luggage allowance each but even so they be using most of this for carrying all the plumbing equipment (taps, pipes, fittings etc.) which will be needed for the new girls dormitory. The team will get involved with the teaching of English to the different age groups as well as helping prepare for the new building. The team consist of the following members: Nicola, Chris, Stevie, Sushila, Anya, Kimberley, Vicky, Catherine and me (Graham). Click here to see their picture.
Trips planned for 2005:
We hope for two trips early in the new year. The first will be the last two weeks in January and another the first two weeks in March. The first will consist of a team of men who will build the dormitory up to roof level. The second team  hope to put the roof on and fit out the electrics and plumbing work.

Easter trip 2005: This is in the early planning stages and so far Graham and Elaine Earnshaw are planning to lead a trip and this is an opportunity for those who are thinking of the possibility of a visit to contact us so we can discuss the possibility. So far Cathy Riley is accompanying Graham and Elaine but there is plenty of room for more!
New vehicle grant: Daniel spent over a week in Dar and managed to get a certificate exempting us from import duty but we still need an exemption from VAT. Daniel is following this up with the local VAT office in Mwanza.
Sponsorship - Finance
: We are pleased to tell you that the amount received from regular giving (standing orders) has increased to over £500. This is really good news as our monthly running costs have again increased in line with the numbers of children we now have and the rise in the price of basic commodities in Tanzania. We are presently having to budget for £2,000 per month to cover all the daily running costs for feeding, housing and educating our 68 children. This amount also covers the cost of wages and also for running our clinic and providing 32,000 litres of water for the village. It also covers the running costs of our old Land Rover and hopefully our new Toyota when it arrives.
SponsorshipSupporting Bethany.
Monthly meeting: Our next meeting will be Saturday 6th November. Click here for more details
Tanz staff changes: None
UK team changes: None




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