MAY 2004

Report dated Thursday 27th May 2004

It has been over two months since our last monthly update (2nd March) mainly due to the trip to the UK which is reported separately (click here)

In the UK: By now many of you will have met and shaken hands with the children you have been supporting over the years. We hope this has been an uplifting experience as it always is for us who visit them regularly over in Tanz. They have certainly enjoyed their visit and have made many new friends who they intend writing to over the next few weeks.

At Bethany Tanzania: Whilst all this has been happening over in the UK, over at Bethany Tanz Eddie Marshall has been helping Paulo Marahaga (last remaining Tanz management team member) to keep things running smoothly. Eddie was one of the original people who went out to Tanzania in 1994 and stayed for 2 years to help with all the building work and all the registrations we had to have in place before we could start to care for the children. Once again his help has been invaluable and we owe him a big thank you for all his hard work. We only hope that God will lead him back to Bethany in the near future to help with the development of the new girls dormitory and school etc. When Eddie agreed to go and help look after the children who were left at Bethany whilst the 31 visited England there were only a few but by the end of the trip the 31 UK visitors were welcomed back by 17 more children. So a week ago we had 48 children but now we are pleased to report 4 new children have joined today bringing the total to 52.
New Children:

Harrison Karokola born 12/12/1992 (est) Dar es Salaam. (twin)
Peterson Karokola born 12/12/1992 (est) Dar es Salaam (twin)
Chrspinerick Karokola born 3/9/1994 (est) Dar es Salaam.
Candice Karokola born 7/7/1996 (est) Mwanza

Their mother died of malaria in 1992 and their father died in 2003. The one who was struggling looking after them before being taken to Bethany is a sister of the father of these children. Please pray for our new children as they settle in at Bethany.

Future Trips: So far we have three trips already booked.

1) Brian Bancroft, Naomi Bancroft, Jemma Turner and Rachel Johnson should arrive on Monday 14th June at about 9am in the morning by bus (from Nairobi). They stay for two weeks until 1st July. All of them will be helping teach English in different age/ability groups.
2) Hilary Murphy and her son Dominic visiting Saturday 26th June. They will leave on Friday 16th July. Again Dominic will help with the teaching of English. Hilary may be available to help with the Clinic as well.
Graham and Elaine Earnshaw will land at Mwanza airport on either Sunday 18th July. They will stay until Friday the 6th August when they leave via Mwanza.

Next trip not yet booked will be the last two weeks in August and led by me (Graham Pountain) and perhaps accompanied by Sheila (Grahams’ wife). Anyone interested in going should get in touch ASAP. email

Other trips will be organised whenever volunteers are available who have passed the selection criteria and interview. 

New vehicle grant: We will start to process this in August when next I visit

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Pictures taken at Bethany whilst the 31 children were in the UK.
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