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PHOTOS taken by  Elaine Earnshaw on the latest trip in July/August Gallery 1, Gallery 2

Latest News Graham and Elaine Earnshaw returned to the UK on Saturday 7th August: Sadly Graham contracted malaria about a week before they were due to return so had to suffer the disease and the side effects of the medication to cure the sickness. Much of their news is reported below.  To see their report Click here

Monthly meeting: Our next meeting will be Saturday 4th September. Click here for more details
We now have 63 children and our accommodation is pretty full.
The ‘meet the children’ page has been updated with the new children’s photographs (their details will be added soon). For the most part they are healthy but suffer from malaria from time to time. We have just had a report from Daniel that Bujimbu is seriously ill and we ask that you remember him in your prayers.
Water Supply: The level of the lake has fallen dramatically which is making it difficult for Bethany to pump water as we rely on a syphon system to get the water from the lake to the well (sump) which holds the pump. Fortunately Brian was visiting and has helped extend the inlet pipe. Even so we are still only pumping a limited amount of water each day.  We have had to cut off the water supply to the village from time to time because of the problems. We are also having to use the old diesel pump on occasions and have had to buy new parts for both the pump and the engine.
Tanz team changes: Bibi Jane resigned from Bethany and is now living with her family in Kisesa. One of her daughters is to be married this autumn. We are grateful for the positive input Jane had on Bethany over the years.

UK team changes:

Leslie Clegg has returned to serve on the team. Leslie was our original treasurer but resigned some years ago when pressure of work made it impossible for him to fulfill the task. Now however with a change of job he is back on the team taking back his old job as treasurer which had been done by John Fisher in the intervening few years. John is now able to relax a little more but continues to serve as a member of the UK team.
Proposed School: Graham and Elaine report that the Tanz team have appointed a teacher to help supplement the education at both primary and secondary school level.

Sponsorship - Finance: Since our last update another three people have signed up to support Bethany through standing orders and our thanks goes to them. If you are considering the possibility then please follow the links SponsorshipSupporting Bethany.

Supporters from Overseas: We believe that Lisa, Darren and Evan Statt from Los Angeles, California. USA. would win the prize if we had one for being the ‘furthest away’ supporters.
Whilst the children were visiting the UK they sent a box of ‘goodies’ containing books and presents for all the children which was greatly appreciated. Recently they organised a ‘Garage sale’ on their front lawn which raised over $500. I have included some photos of the box and the ‘Garage sale’ in this update - click here to view
Commission: On Thursday the 12th August we received a cheque for over £28 from our affiliate membership of our  ‘Buy at’ shop.  Thanks to all those who have used the shop - your money is coming through! See the link top right.

Future Trips: Graham and Sheila Pountain visit August/September for three weeks. In October three possible longer term volunteers are visiting, Matthew and Rachel Schofield and Rachel Bacon. November sees a group from OCC visiting and three trips are being planned for January, February and March next year 2005 when we hope to help build the new dormitory for girls.
New vehicle grant: We have now received the money from ‘Kids to care for’ and on the next trip out this month we will start to apply for exemption from the vat and customs duties since we are a ‘not for profit NGO’ (non government organisation). The new vehicle we would like is a 13 seater Toyota Land Cruiser. The children keep asking when it will arrive. If and when we get it Yitwimila village will be a two vehicle village!

Daniel and Eliada (marriage): No further news


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