June 2004

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Report dated 15th June 2004

Daniel Reports:

“There is a new boy who has joined the Bethany family and his name is Fred Reuben. He is 8 years old from Nyasho Village (Paul's village). Both of his parents died a few years ago.
This brings the total to 57 children as of today’s date with many more to come.

School - Teachers:

Daniel has been to the Education Office in Magu and found out the government pay scale for teachers. Apparently it costs approx. 120,000Tsh (including taxes etc.) ( £65) per month to employ a teacher straight from college with a teaching diploma. He feels we would need at least three/four teachers to start educating our secondary school age children at Bethany as well as continuing to supplement the primary education received at the local village primary school.

Daniel and Eliada (marriage): The bride price has now been agreed at 4 cows and 250,000Tsh which Daniel will have to pay to Eliada’s parents before the wedding. This is a vast amount of money considering the minimum pay in Tanzania is 35,000Tsh per month. It will therefore be a long time before they are married.
Water Supply and Clinic: Both are running fine.

Report dated 4th June 2004

Daniel and the team email us to say that the children are all well and most are back at School and they are all coping very well with the change of culture!

He adds and I quote (with corrections):

“Just a quick message to let you know that Onesmo and I went to Bunda and then to Musoma yesterday to get the children Social Welfare had asked us to admit. We came back with four children, two boys and two  girls.
Their names are;
Lucas Mtaki( boy, 14yrs in class five)
Emmanuel Mtaki (boy, 12 yrs in class two)
Biku Mtaki (girl, 7 yrs, has not started school yet)
Wankuru Laurent Marwa ( girl, estimated 8 yrs, has not started school yet)
Number one to three are brothers and sister( from one family), the same mother but different fathers for each one of them.  Their mother died of yellow fever but their fathers are not known as they are illegitimate children. They used to stay with their uncle who is just a very poor drunkard.
The fourth one is from Musoma, illegitimate girl as well whose mother died two years ago and left with her very old grand mother (estimated in her nineties). Most of the time the girl used to wander in the streets begging for food and sometimes sleeping with some older boys  to get money to feed her elderly grandmother and herself.”


Trip Details and over 800 photos Click here

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MAIL SHOT: We have been busy writing you all letters. Three different ones in all, some to the children who the Bethany children hope to write to, some to supporters and others to those who have donated using gift aid forms. We know that some of you will have received more than one and for that we apologise and are taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. You will note the ‘Auction for Africa’ is this Saturday the 19th June at Hope Centre, Ossy, 7pm.
Included with the letters was an A5 flyer titled ‘sponsorship’ click here to view. This was in response to supporters who often ask whether they could sponsor a particular child (very much like the large charities ). Whilst we are unable to do this at the present time the leaflet explains the various costs of supporting a child for one month etc. We hope you find the information useful and will perhaps consider making a monthly contribution for the ongoing work. Standing order forms and Gift aid forms can be found by clicking here.
If for any reason you didn’t receive one of our letters and would be liked to be kept informed by mail please E-mail me with your address and I will add you to uour list

Visiting now
1) Brian Bancroft, Naomi Bancroft, Jemma Turner and Rachel Johnson arrived on Monday 14th June at about 3pm in the afternoon by bus (from Nairobi). The journey took 53 hours in total from setting off from home at around 12 midday on Saturday until they arrived Monday afternoon 5pm. They stay for two weeks until 1st July. All of them will be helping teach English in different age/ability groups.

Future Trips:
2) Hilary Murphy and her son Dominic visiting Saturday 26th June. They will leave on Friday 16th July. Again Dominic will help with the teaching of English. Hilary may be available to help with the Clinic as well.
Graham and Elaine Earnshaw will land at Mwanza airport on either Sunday 18th July. They will stay until Friday the 6th August when they leave via Mwanza.

Next trip not yet booked and may be the last two weeks in August and led by me (Graham Pountain) and perhaps accompanied by Sheila (Grahams’ wife). Anyone interested in going should get in touch ASAP. email

Other trips will be organised whenever volunteers are available who have passed the selection criteria and interview. 

New vehicle grant: We are now trying to process this but are having difficulty getting emails through to Tanzania.