Update Monday 22nd September

Visit to Gateway Church, Acomb, York: On Sunday the 21st Sept. a meeting was held at Gateway Church to discuss the forthcoming trip to Bethany in November. Dave Shore (founding member of Bethany) will be accompanied by his wife Shelly, also John Wilson (church leader) and a number of young people who are members of a team working for the Church. Many topics were discussed in preparation for the visit. Click here to see who they are

Report on the 12th September 2003

New Kitchen and Dinning Roon: On Saturday the 6th September Keith and his wife Barbara Pittson attended our monthly prayer morning and we gave much of the time over to hearing the exciting news of all that had been happening during Keith’s groups 3 week visit. You may recall that Keith had been planning the trip for over two years organising a group of 21 (mainly students from East Midlands Universities). Their task was to build a new Kitchen and Dinning room to accommodate 100 children for each sitting. You will see from the pictures of the progress they made. Everyone at Bethany and all the supporters over in the UK are very grateful to Keith’s team for all they have accomplished - and in such a short time. We offer them our thanks and wish them well for the future and hope perhaps one day they will return to Bethany for a follow up visit. Not only did they do all the work but they funded the work too. Keith tells us there are just a few jobs to finish off and then the building will be up and running.
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New Boys arrive at Bethany; We reported in August about the 4 boys we visited in the local village whose mother had recently died and whose father is very very ill and unable to look after them. Sadly Feleshi reports in his email of the 3rd September: “On Tuesday, 01 September 2003 we received sad news concerning those four boys that their father had died for accident at Kisesa. The man was taken at Bugando hospital, but due to his mind got mental because of the sickness he had –diabetes he escaped from the hospital, which resulted his death when the coca cola truck crushed him. Children are left alone, as team we had decided to take them on Tuesday, 02 September 2003 in the evening. They are at Bethany by now. We have put four double beds in the second room where small children boys sleep.”
Daniel reports on the 10th September: “the boys are looking very happier at Bethany, they really have great company  and comfort subsequently they do not look to remember what happened back to their family.”
Three of them are triplets (Michael, Raphael and Gabroe) aged 6years and Lomadi aged 9years.
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Total children now at Bethany = 36 (26 boys and 10 girls)

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Group members for Nov. trip

New Kitchen/dinning room

Dad, Michael, Raphael, Gabroe and Lomadi