Secondary form 4 results explained Secondary education in Tanzania ends when you finish form 4. The way the form 4 results are worked out is as follows: Firstly you may take more than 7 subjects whilst at Secondary School but only your best 7 subjects are used to calculate you score: An A gives you 1 point, b = 2 points, C = 3 points, D= 4 points and F = 5 points So if you get 7 A’s you score 7 points which is the highest score possible So this means the lower the figure the higher the score The scores are then sorted into divisions as follows: Div 1 (the highest division) include scores from 7 to 17 Div 2 includes scores 18-21 Div 3 includes scores 22-25 Div 4 includes scores 26-34 No division 5 as any scores after 34 is a Fail If you qualify with Div 1 or div 2 you may be selected to go to High school (2yrs) Whilst both secondary education and high school education is considered FREE each student has to provide a list of items to take to school which have to be provided by the parents/guardians. Picture of form 1 (2024) ready for their first day at secondary school with all their requirements: