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Computer news - The old laptop computer has not been repaired (yet!) - but the good news is all the information from the broken laptop has been recovered and so I’m able to finish the news for November!.

News reported end of November
At last all the photos are ready for download and are only a click away.

Gateway Church, Acomb, York. The team seemed to enjoy their stay and the four youngest members of the team (Pete, Rich, Erin and Emma) have kindly written a report which is available by clicking here. Quote from the report:
“The children at Bethany were truly remarkable; they were so full of life, confidence and a genuine love for one another. The children had a real love for life which was inspiring.”
To see the photos of their visit
click here

Future visits to Bethany : So far we are planning two trips, One in January and another in February. If you would like to go on either please contact me very soon (email me)

Further development plans: The tanz team are busy converting the old dining room and kitchen (two rooms) into temporary sleeping accommodation for the girls. Once this is completed our ten girls will move out of the main dormitory black and the boys will then use the whole of the block - 4 large bedrooms (instead of just the two at the moment). This will enable us to accept more boys but not many more girls as their temporary accommodation will probably only cater for about 16 at the most (8 girls per room). We do however have a sketch plan of a new dormitory we would like to build for girls. This could be achieved in two or possibly three stages. the first stage would be a building for 10 beds with a central unit with 6 toilets, 5 showers and 6 washbasins. The two wings could be added at a later date (East and West wings). We expect the cost for stage one (10 bed unit with toilets, washbasins and showers) to cost about £12,000 and the two extra wings (each with a further 10 beds) to cost about £3,000 each. As yet we have no funds for this project.
Click here to see plans of the proposed new dorm for the girls.

Children - all 36 are now on our ‘Meet the children’ page with details of their ages, when they came to Bethany and their likes, dislikes, friends, favourite subjects, hobbies and ambitions. Click here to view

New Video. On out last trip (Nov.2003) the Gateway Church team took a great deal of video of the children talking about themselves and showing visitors around Bethany. We are hoping to edit this video and make it available on both VHS and DVD. Please email if you would be interested in a copy. (click here to email)

Accounts: We are pleased to report that the accounts of the spending at Bethany (Tanzania) have been updated (to October 2003) click here to view. You will notice that the spending on food has been reduced compared to this time last year as the team and children have been more focused on being more self-sufficient. More crops have been grown and the new team are budgeting each month. However, this November because of the food shortages in Tanzania (America is donating food due to the famine in certain parts) the food costs have started to rise. We are hoping and praying that the crops this rainy season are successful.

News reported Thursday 19th November 2003
On Wednesday the 18th Nov. Graham Pountain, Dave Shore, Shelly Shore, John Wilson, Pete Gardner, Erin Candler, Rich Martin, Emma Hannigan and Anne McFadyen returned to the UK after a two week trip to Bethany. The trip was very eventful and each member of the team have their own story to tell (to email them click here).

Official Opening: During our visit we were visited by the Regional Commissioner (Mwanza) who opened our new building (Kitchen and Dining room). He was very encouraging and donated 100,000Tsh (£60) towards the work. You can see the plaque he unveiled and also another plaque which credits EMUAS with the erection of the building (August 2003). The building is now fully functional and painted throughout. The visiting team helped completing the electrical installation and many other jobs around the site. The dining room is now a multipurpose room that will seat over 100 people (children) and is used as a classroom/meeting room and play area. The covered area which looks out towards the lake is a favourite area with both children, staff and visitors.

Children: All seemed healthy and well during our stay. The new boys are slowly fitting into life at Bethany and appear settled. Ibrahim (our oldest boy) is now taking on more responsibilities and helping as a childcare volunteer. Click here to see photos


Report from
Gateway Church

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Plans for new girls dormitory