Muditi Masaga’s Story Muditi Masaga is 11yrs old. He is in STD 1. Before coming to Bethany Muditi lived with his mother. His father died whilst serving his sentence in prison. His mother has six children and Muditi is the last born. Muditi suffered from CONVULSONs when he was still a little baby which resulted into disability of his arm and leg. Muditi needed special care and so his mother struggled looking after Muditi and other children. Muditi’s mother was not able to send him to school because the school was 5km away from home. However when Muditi’s mother heard about Bethany, she decided to bring him at Bethany and ask for help. Muditi joined Bethany Family in 2017. At Bethany Muditi was able to join school and be provided with all the care he needed. Muditi is now very happy and enjoys school. He loves reading books and Maths. Muditi says “ I am very happy here at Bethany, I have learnt lots of things, when my mother visited me last time she was surprised that I was speaking English”. Before coming here I didn’t know how to speak Kiswahili and English, I only spoke my mother tongue (Sukuma). Because of my disability I couldn’t go to school but I thank God because of Bethany, I am able to go to school and learn things. I thank God for everything especially for the chance I have here at Bethany. When I lived with my mother, we didn’t go to church so i never really learnt about Jesus. After coming to Bethany, I learnt about Jesus and because a Christian. I join with my sisters and brothers to worship and praise God. I enjoy singing songs too. Bethany family is a good family. Thank you!”