July - August 2013

Photos of July Visit - (over 800 photos)
Letters received (53 pics), Derby Grammar School visit (16 pics), Graduation (46 pics),
Dining Hall (10 pics), Reunion Weekend (30 pics), Reunion Netball (66 pics),
Reunion Football (56 pics), Reunion Egg & Spoon (80 pics), Reunion Water game (53 pics),
Reunion Clothes change (22 pics), Reunion Ball Pass (22 pics), Reunion - Teams (88 pics),
Reunion Sack Race (22 pics), Reunion - Skipping ( 65 pics), New Work (7 pics),
Children - chores (56 pics), Education - Classes (40 pics), Play (18 pics),
Volunteers (9 pics), Individual Children (104 pics), Groups (21 pics)

Exam results:

Hamza’s, Secondary SchoolPrimary school stds 4 to 7, Primary school stds 2 & 3
Other results,

Trip July 2013.
Graham Pountain, Emmakulatha, Jesca, Sophia, Marjorie, Sharon, Kimberly and Umarah took part in this trip. The first four days the children were on holiday from school and so a full teaching programme was implemented. The second and third weeks the children were back at school so education could only be given in the evenings from 4,30pm onwards.
As planned Jesca and Emma went to see if the local government secondary school would accept their help. After an initially cautious response both Emma and Jesca soon found that they were heavily involved not only in teaching but passing on some of the different teaching methods they had learnt on their BA course. They felt their time there was greatly appreciated and worthwhile. The only disappointment was the number of beatings they witnessed during their stay which overshadowed their experience. About 20 of our children attend this school.
Sophia accompanied by Umarah and Kimberly together with Bethany girls Rehema and Mpelwa went to the local government Primary school where they offered to teach English. Both Umarah and Kimberly had Rehema and Mpelwa to help with the language but of course Sophia (Tanzanian) was able to teach unaided. I believe the school was grateful for the help and the children overjoyed. Again the downside was the daily beating of the children and the lack of resources and committed teachers. Marjorie (retired nurse/midwife) met up with old acquaintances and ran a first aid course for both the care workers and the older children as well as helping Minza with the pre-school children. Sharon (ex deputy primary head teacher) was everywhere helping wherever needed. Minza especially benefited from Sharon's help and advice.
Reunion Weekend.
This year's reunion day went well with about 25 ex-Bethany children attending. On Saturday after lunch we had the usual reunion day games. After the evening meal we watched a few old videos of the children when they were much younger - a time to reminisce. On Sunday we had a our service with Emmakulatha preaching. After lunch we had another time of sharing different stories and a concern was shown for those who were unable to make the reunion. We heard how both ex-Bethany boys and girls had arranged monthly meetings in Mwanza to discuss issues and problems about life after Bethany; Mwita was leading the boys group and China the girls. We congratulated Rwechungura on his marriage especially as he is the first Bethany person to have a proper wedding with a marriage certificate which entitles his wife to be legally accepted and protected by the laws of Tanzania. We hope many others will follow his example. We thanked those had contributed towards the up-keep of Bethany especially, China, Angie, Sumai, Minza, Fatuma, Happiness J, Jesca P, and Mwita.
Those who attended are:
Girls: China, Angie, Sumai, Happiness, Fatuma, Minza, Rehema J. Mpewla, Debora, Jesca J, Jesca P, Emmakulatha, Salome, Candice and Sophia.
Boys: Mwita, Peter, Tabaji, Emmanuel C, Phabian J, Mohammed A, Romadi J, Evarist, Elijah, Hamsa, Kwekwe, Kulwa M, Doto M, Bujimbu.
Our greetings go out to those who couldn't make it
Girls: Eva J, Zawadi, Rehema K, Immakulatha, Mwanaidi, Neema, Hollo, Pendo, Joyce J, Ghati W, Ghati D, Agatha, Josephine and Mary
Boys: Kulwa M, Daniel J, Nyamarige, Lucas M, Abel, John J, Yohanna B, Frank W, Paul James

New School:

We had a long meeting with Maxime our volunteer plan drawer. He said the plans needed amending a little to accommodate slightly larger classes. He also mentioned that he had in mind the people who would be good to undertake the work as he had used them before. He also had ideas of the outside finish of the classrooms which would be more pleasing to the eye than just a rendered finish. Maxime also said he would draw up a an estimate for each stage of the building work and that we could expect the labour charge to be between 20-25% of the material cost. We are now waiting for the estimates to come in to see where to start and what to build first depending on how much we can afford..
New Teacher housing block:
We are located in a very remote are and we need to provide an accommodation block for our female teachers on site and so have designed a 4 bedroom block complete with toilet facilities which we would like to complete at the same time as the first 4 classrooms.
School registration:
We made an appointment to see the new DC but unfortunately he was not available when we arrived having been called away to another meeting.
BA (hons) results for Jesca Paulo and Emmakulatha Bujiku:
As you may know two of our girls have just completed a degree course at Blackburn College. Jesca Paulo achieved a first and Emmakulatha a 2:1. They start their final year at Blackburn College in September doing their PGCE, after which they will be returning to Bethany to start teaching at our new school.
Secondary school children:
Form four students who take their final secondary school exams this November have been having extra Maths lessons over the summer holidays provided by a unpaid volunteer secondary school maths teacher. This young man is Eliada's brother named Edwin to whom we are most grateful. The form four students are having extra lessons in Biology from a teacher at our local government Secondary School at a price of 2,000 Tsh per 2 hour session. They are having 3 sessions per week.
Primary school children:
Also the standard 4 and standard 7 pupils have received extra maths lessons from a volunteer unpaid fourth form leaver who is one of Daniel's brothers whose name is Misana. We feel sure that most of our std 7 primary school children will pass to go to secondary school, not because they are particularly good at their subjects but because the pass mark is so low.
Pre-school and stds one and two:
All these children are doing well especially with their English. Fatuma and Minza helped by some of the older girls are making great strides forward with these children and we are hoping to be able to continue their education at Bethany once our school is registered.
Daniel and Eliada ( Bethany managers) have their third child Naomi who joins sisters Ruth and Noela who are all enjoying the company and care of many adopted brothers and sisters.
Other items of news:
Exam Results:
Hamza who will soon be starting his second year at college has had some very good results. Elijah who is at high school doing A level had the following grades at the end of his first year: General studies - D, History - C, Geography -C and English - B. We hope these grades improve.
Secondary results:
Sponsored Walk:
After the great success of the Morecambe Bay walk we have decided it might be a good idea to have a Winter Wonderland walk on Sunday the 29th December. More details later.
Other Improvements/Refurbishments:
Library: Part of the dining room has been partitioned making a secure room for the library with the advantage of being next to the dining room where the tables and benches are available for study - homework. Picture here.
New Open-air kitchen: A roof structure is now in place to keep out the rain but with open sides. The area has taps and sinks for washing and tables for food preparation. Picture here.
New Kitchen sink unit: We now have a new double drainer stainless steel sink unit in the kitchen. Picture here.

New vehicle:
We already have an amount of money set aside for this but still need about
15,000 to buy a new Toyota pickup truck.

Finance:  Presently we are looking at ways of financing the plans we have for a new school - education on site.  If you have any ideas please let us know.


Sponsorship - Finance: As ever - finance is an ongoing concern.  For those still considering sponsoring or co-sponsoring please see our list of names for sponsorship. Click here
To learn more about sponsorship we have produced a 4 page Question and Answer sheet (click here).

Money boxes: As you can see our total collected from the money boxes is 13,612.47p as of 05/02/2013.  If you need a new tin or to hand in a full one please email or bring along to the monthly meetings

Satellite Internet:  No further news. Still too expensive



And Finally:  Thank you so much for being interested enough in our work to be reading this. Even more if by your donation you have made this work possible.

N.B. (Please note that this web site is accessible world wide and so we are very careful to only publish the bare facts as truthfully as possible. There are often circumstances upon which decisions have been made which we feel unable to publish. Please contact us directly if you need to know more)


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Photos of April Visit

Assorted Photos (15pics),  Michael Clark’s photos (75 pics)

Report from Dr. Michael Clark from April 2013 visit click here.

Morecambe bay walk (241 pics),  Video (12mins)
Photos of February to March visit 2013

Letters (61 pics), New portrait Photos of each child (106 pics),
Photo of all the children (1 pic),  Staff (14 pics), Children in their dormitories (13 pics),

New girl - Jennifer (1 pic),  Football (11 pics), Groups of children (26 pics),
Individuals (2 pics), Washing (20 pics),  Play (31 pics), Kitchen etc. (18 pics),
Work (38 pics), Dining Hall (27 pics),  Views (44 pics)

Choir Visit October - Dec 2012
Photos Week 1 (64 pics),  Week 2 (84 pics),  Week 3  (13 pics), Week 4 (22 pics), 
Week 5 (20 pics), Week 6  (32 Pics),  Week 7 (50 pics),  Week 8 (38 pics), 
Returning home (14 pics)

Teacher’s reports: James Pugh, Jesca James, Sophia Joseph, Emmakuatha Bujiku,
Karen RossKatherine Livesey and Anna Crabtree, Joan McIvor

Photos taken during the JULY 2012 visit (over 500 pics)
New District Commissioner (3pics),  Donated Clothes (10 pics), 
Teachers with classes (12 pics), Donated Books (15 pics),  Letters (84 pics),

New water Pump (13 pics),  Reunion celebration Meal (125 pics),

Reunion preparation and Games (122 pics),  Play (20 pics), 

New net-ball nets (21 pics),  Donated football kits  (4 pics),  Serengeti (29 pics)

In the Kitchen (22 pics),  Study (19 pics),  Agriculture  (16 pics)

Photos taken during the MAY 2012 visit (over 200 pics)
New girls (3 pics), Classes (8 pics),  Football (42pics),  Play (55 pics), Groups (23 pics)
Individuals (65 pics),  Work (17 pics),  New Boys Dormitory (32 pics)<

Assorted Photos (26 pics),  Sunrise  (16 pics)

Photos taken during the March 2012 visit
Children with name tags (105 pics), School work (7pics), New books (5 pics)
Dining room and kitchen (21 pics), Children playing (89 pics), Games (30 pics),
New books (5 pics),  New Boys dorm (11 pics)
Reports etc.  Heights and Weights

Photos taken during November trip 2011

New boy Daudi Michael Henga (1 pic), Letters (159 pics),   End of school year  (48 pics),

Food store (3 pics),  Children receiving exam results! (9 pics),   Teachers (11 pics), 
Odd pics (20 pics),  Doing jigsaws (12 pics), Groups of children (12 pics), 
Football- Netball (45 pics),  Choir (22 pics),  School work  (43 pics), 
Individual children (48 pics),   Play (14 pics),  New Office in container (2 pics),
Sunrise-sunset (28 pics),  Kitchen & dining room (22 pics),  New Boys dorm progress (85 pics)
Photos taken during October  trip 2011
ABG Golfers new books (20 pics),  Wheatley Lane Equipment (7 pics),
Glenys, Heather and China (4 pics),  Odd pics (45 pics),  Education (23 pics),
Letters (48 pics), General pics of children (26 pics),  More Odd pics (34 pics)

Other reports etc
Heather’s reportMission statement for school registration,
June exam results - secondary,  Primary school exam results

English work set by Graham
Various topics, resources used to challenge / stimulate for discussions

Exam results for 20 grammar questionsWrite a story competition
YouTube Videos November 2011:

Glory and Honour song, Mungu Ni Penda swahili song,
Message from SophiaRepy message from Rehema

Also relevant articles
Interesting article in the Daily Telegraph ‘Why bother educating girls’ click here

An article in the Wall Street Journal: ‘The Best Thing About Orphanages’

Photos taken during October trip 2011

ABG Golfers support (3pics), David Borland’s photos (34pics)

ABG Golfers Support reportHeather Jeffery’s report, Draft School Mission statement

PHOTOS Taken July 2011 (over 1,000 pics)

Walk to the ‘Beach’ (68 pics),  Work (29 pics),  Child-Care Seminar (87 pics),

Dining room, Kitchen and Store (41 pics),  Sunday Service (8 pics),
Basic Child-Care Secondary School Children (38 pics),  Gill & Jonathon’s Photos (61 pics)

Elementary Child-Care Std 6 Children (24 pics),  Laura’s Photos (152 pics)
Rounders ‘Reunion Weekend’ (28 pics),  Football (40 pics), Netball (78 pics),

Reunion Weekend (144 pics),  Reunion ‘Tug of War’ (29 pics),  Parachute (20 pics),

Morning Assembly (20 pics),  Bethany Care-workers Child-Care seminar (67 pics),

Teachers with Classes (42 pics),  Group and Individuals (121 pics),  Individuals (99 pics),

Groups of children (54 pics),  Volunteers (32 pics),  Letters (44 pics), More Letters (27 pics)

Other Reports - facts and figures:

Jonathon’s report, Gill’s Report,  Laura’s report,  Summer SchoolReunion weekendSeminars
Childcare results; Bethany care-workersSecondary girlsStd 6 Girls

Photos taken April - May 2011 (over 400)

New Children (4 pics),  Letters (94 pics), Meal Time (52 pics),
Netball  (111 pics),  Football (61 pics),  Work (42 pics),  Play (21 pics),
Individuals (33 pics),  Groups (13 pics),  Sunrise/set (24 pics),

Girls Dormitory Refurbishment (17 Pics), Crops  (7 pics)

Exam Results: Secondary School,
Primary School,  Class 6,  Class 5,  Class 4,  Class 3,  Class 2,  Class 1.

January Photos 2011 (over 600)

Pre-school children (14 pics),  Standard 1 children (11pics),  Standard 2 children (12 pics)

Standard 3 children (17 pics), Standard 4 children (11 pics), Standard 5 chidren (16 pics)

Standard 6 children (16 pics).
Secondary Form 1 children (15 pics),  Secondary Form 2 children (9 pics)
Secondary Form 3 children (4 pics),  Secondary Form 4 children (6 pics)
Older boys in training (3 pics), Students in the UK (  pics),  School Assembly (11 pics)
Staff (32 pics),  Family (32 pics), Letters received (125 pics), Choir (54 pics),
Play (25 pics),   Individuals (57 pics),  Groups (30 pics),  Work (61 pics),
Views of Bethany (33 pics),  Sunrise/set (41 pics), Birds (13 pics), Thumb-nails (27 pics)
David’s report Full list of children’s whereabouts
Photos from August trip 2010
(over 200)

Karen’s pics (32),  Charlotte’s Pics (61),  Emily’s pics (31)
Sophie’s pics (138),  General pics (18)
Reports & email
Carole’s email,  Hollie’s report,  Jade’s reportKaren’s report

Photos from July trip 2010 (over 600)

Panorama views of site (3 pics), 4 New Children (8 pics), Bubble Blowers (35pics)
Forever Angels trainees (6pics),  Choir Practice (84pics),  Debates  (12pics),

China’s temporary teaching job (13 pics),  Education (96 pics),  Food (72 pics),
  Play (94 pics),  Exams (13 pics),  Teachers (5 pics),  Serengeti (23 pics),
Letters received (84 pics),  Groups (25 pics),  Views (75 pics),  Sunrise/set (28pics),
New Bell & Clock (3 pics),  Individuals (31 pics),  Work (12 pics)

English test papers and resultsTimetable

Photos from the May Trip 2010

Photos by David (43pics), Photos by John B. (109 pics),
Sunrise/sunset by John B. (15pics)
Photo’s from March 2010 trip (over 500 pics)

New girl (1pic),  Wood burning stoves (11pics),  New Baby Joseph for Daniel and Eliada (6pics),

Letters received (68pics),  Choir practice  (29pics),  Views (15pics),  Old Kitchen (22pics),

Vibanda (African summer houses) (35pics),  Working the land (41pics),  Food (64pics),

Work (21pics),   English Exam (22pics),  New Teacher (9pics),
Forever Angels - Trainees (15pics),  Groups (35pics),  Individuals (50pics), 

Sunrise-set/clouds (75pics),  New dining room, kitchen etc. (25pics),

Playground progress (54pics)

English Exam results
Photo’s from January 2010 trip

Dining room and kitchen progress (14pics),  Playground progress (9 pics),

Children (16pics),  Unclassified (12pics)

November - December 2009 Trip Photos

Letters received (63 pics),  Individual children (25pics), Choir (47pics),
Food ( 35pics),  Portraits (99pics),  Letter writing (32pics),  Shamba work (78pics),

Playground  (59pics),  Groups (26pics),  More letters!  (67pics),

Dave and Vicky’s pics (87pics)

 9 New Videos (on You tube)

July - August 2009 Trip photos

Photos by various members of the CGM (Central Gospel Mission, Nelson)

Click here

Reports by members of the trip:

Rachel AdamsonEducation ReportReflections of Tanzania, 

July 2009 Trip (Over 400 Photos and 8 video clips))
New Mossy Nets (3 pics),  Just children (72 pics),  Serengeti (16 pics),  Agriculture  (16 pics),

Letters (48 pics),  Sunrise/set (25 pics),  Choir to England (31 pics),  Chores (13 pics),

Children Playing (33 pics),  Tracy’s pics (75 pics),   New Kitchen / Dining room  (7 pics),

Emily and Tracy with classes (4 pics),  Tanesco Electricity (4 pics),
  China, Emma and Jesca’s pictures (107 pics), Dave’s pics (107 pics)

Video Clips (via Youtube)
Click here for David Borland’s report June 2009
Click here
for Paul and Rebecca’s report May 2009

March 2009 Trip (Over 500 Photos)
March best pics (19pics),  Video update March (1 video 9mins),  Karen’s (72 pics),

Dave’s (94 pics),  Power & Water (22pics),  Calf (5pics), New Girls (2pics),

Letters (54pics),  Older Girls (3pics),  Older Boys (12pics),  Children in standards (9pics),

 Sophia, Minza and Fatuma (6 pics),  Building work Video (1 video),  John Brindle’s (44pics),
Views (22pics),  Bethany staff (2pics),  Sunrise-set (16pics),  Just children (21pics),

Choir practice (100pics),  Food (19pics),  Chores (18pics),  Learning (13pics)

Video Clips (via google picasa web album)

January 2009 Trip (Over 650 Photos)
Best Photos (26pics),  Jemma’s photos (109pics),  Karen’s photos (51pics),
Letters Received (16pics),  Temporary Dining room (21pics),  Choir (31pics)

Prospective UK students (3pics),  Local Village School (13pics),  Classrooms (7pics),
New Dining Room and Kitchen (12pics),  Rain water harvesting (7pics),  For Training (13pics),
Fun and Games (44pics),  Individual Children  (33pics),   Chores (56pics),
Groups (22pics),  Eva and Rehema (17pics),  First day at School (22pics),
Funny faces (4pics),  Baptisms (109pics), Sunrise-set (42pics)

Video Clips (via google picasa web album)

November Trip (Over 1,700 Photos)
Selection (39pics), Houses around Bethany (39pics), Cow (6pics), Farming (22pics)
Staff/workers (19pics), Meal Time (15pics),  Cooking-Food (36pics), Volunteers (13pics)
Prospective UK Students (4pics),  Children and ex-children (533pics), Karen’s photos (128pics)
Football - boys versus girls (88pics), Letters received (47pics),  Sunrise/set (55pics)
 Girls Netball/football (50pics),  Choir Practice (41pics),  Chores (109pics)
Play (59pics),  Building progress (59pics),  Wildlife (15pics),  Views (29pics)
Teaching (21pics),  Hired Tractor (19pics),  Groups (39pics),  Individuals (49pics)
Jemma’s photos (80pics),  Dave and Vicky’s photos (114pics), UK Students (5pics)

Extract from a letter from a teacher at a supporting school

August Trip Photos (108 assorted pics), Festival of Song (38pics)
Students in England (19pics),  Bethany students visit Hollins School (7pics)

November Trip.

Dave, Vicky and Karen (32pics),  Children (42pics),  Bethany Leavers (6pics),
Growing things (25pics),  Building work (27pics)
Photos from the July 2008 trip (over 300)

Parachute Fun (11pics), Serengeti trip (25pics), Jesca’s village (38pics),
Various (10pics), Letters (48pics),  Eva’s boys (12pics),  Returned students (2pics),
Chores (33pics),  Prospective students (7pics),  Individual children (15pics),

 Choir Practice (34pics),  Groups (22pics),  Volunteer teachers (12pics),
Volunteers (36pics)

Photos taken during the April - May trip 2008 (over 400)

Chores (64pics),  Hippings School (6pics),  Letters (51pics),  Computers (10pics),
Assembly and Presentations (12pics),  Choir Practice (109pics),  Building work (30pics),

Volunteers (83pics), Girls at Forever Angels (2pics),  Games (6pics), Groups (27 pics),

Individual Children (69pics), New girls (6pics)

Photos taken during the January -February trip (over 500)

Agriculture (54 pics),  Dairy Cows (37 pics),  Toddlers Dorms -refurbishment (39 pics),

UV Filter (8 pics),  Small solar water heater tower (78 pics),

Large solar water heater tower (92 pics), Groups of Children ( 40pics ), Sunday Service (26pics),

Individual Children (99pics),   Boys Portrait Pics ( 61pics),  Girls Portrait Pics (62pics),

Standard 1 Children (9pics),  Swinging Fun ( 20pics),  January trip volunteers (38pics),

Letters received (31pics), Danger children at work ( 81pics),  Views around the site (22pics),

Sunrise-sets (40 pics),  David’s Pictures (69pics), Eliada and Daniel’s new baby (4 pics),
(Captions with names of children have been added by Eva, Jesca and Rehema)

Extract from ‘Amy’s News’ from the Forever Angels web -site

Photos from the September trip 2007  (over 500)

Mwanza Lion’s visit ( 3pics), David’s Pics ( 30pics), New Manager’s house (14pics)

Around the site (12pics), Beans and Rice! ( 16pics), Old Boys dorm (17pics),

Tint Tots dorm (13pics), Letter writing ( 28pics), Local school bore-hole (4pics)

At Play ( 19pics), Agriculture (23pics), New Multi-purpose building (16pics),

Education ( 6pics), Letters received ( 85pics), Groups of children (26pics)

 Singing and Dancing ( 62pics), Individual children (81pics), Chores (59pics)

 Ian Redfearn (15pics),   Sunrise/sets (34pics), Best Photo’s (36pics)

Report: by Ian Redfearn

Latest News September 2007: Our 8 students have now just finished their first day at Accrington and Rossendale College. Here are the latest pictures:
Welcome for Students at Accrington and Rossendale College (65pics)

Day out to Lord’s House Farm (30 pics)

A walk in the countryside (72 pics)


Photo’s from the July-August trips: (over 600pics)

Mkula Orphanage (3pics),  Letter writing (43pics),  Rounders (36pics),

Letter received (44pics),  Skipping (23pics),  Play (21pics),  Football (8pics),

Crop growing (38pics),  Groups of children (36pics),  Lessons (13pics)  Chores (64pics),
New Children (9pics),  Individual Children (71pics), Singing Practice (45pics),

Building progress (26pics),  Visitors (52pics),  Views (39pics),  Thumbnails (40pics),
Minibus  (9pics), Accrington College students (8pics)

Photos from the May trip (800+)

New wedge-wood Shoes (16 pics),  New children (11 pics),  New bike (12 pics),
Volunteer joiners (120 pics),  Chores (28 pics),  Building work progress (29 pics),
Letters received (16 pics),  Lessons (77 pics),  Games (15pics),  Play (25 pics),

Singing practice (126 pics), Groups of children (45 pics),  Individual children (65 pics),
May visitors (65 pics),  Village school (38 pics), Views (120 pics),

Last day at Bethany - all children with work done (67 pics)

Reports from May trip:

Report by John Brindle and Pat Bridge,  Report by Victoria Delaney,

Education facilities (as of May 2007),
Photos from the April trip (52):  Assorted (52 pics)
Report from April Trip:
by Heather Jeffery

Pictures from the March 2007 Trip (over 500)

Maize harvest (40 pics), New Children (8 pics), Letters received ( 51 pics),
Letter writing (17 pics),  Individual children (50 pics), New multipurpose block (29 pics),
New volunteers accommodation (22 pics), Choir (58 pics), Children playing (20 pics),
Children at Work (24 pics), Food! (22 pics), Groups of children (22 pics),
Jemma and Roy (25 pics), Jemma’s (51 pics), Roy’s (66 pics),

Sky (47 pics)

Photos taken on the January 2007 trip (over 300)

Portrait Pics of girls (57pics),  Portrait Pics of Boys (49pics), New Children (3pics)

Children at work (47pics),  Groups Children (36pics), Individual Children (48pics)

Letters log-book (4pics), Accy College Students (8pics),  New Exercise books (13pics)

Sunrise-sets (152 pics)

Photos taken before, during and after
the children’s visit to the UK
(Sept 21st  - Nov 6th)  (many)
Thumb nail pics (27pics), Manchester Science Museum (47pics), Letters received (75pics)
Nyangeta’s new leg (6pics), Baby Ruth (22pics), Forever Angels (1 pic), 
Groups of children (43 pics), Singing Practice (73 pics),  Blackpool Zoo (142 pics),
Asda Accrington (9 pics), Fire Station - Accrington (50 pics), Ger-Hana (47pics)
Blackburn Rovers (24 pics), Gifts from America (7 pics), October 20th (36 pics),
Accrington College awards (15 pics), Bethany Hillside Nursery (19 pics),
Paul and Rebecca’s wedding (66 pics), September 28th (25 pics), Trutex Boxes arrive (4 pics)
St. Thomas’s Centre (43 pics), An English Playground (10 pics), Schools Work (92 pics)
B&Q visit (14pics), Ripon Cathedral (9pics), Central Gospel Mission, Nelson (27pics),
Local Primary School Tanz. (23 pics), Jemma’s Pics (23pics)
Children at work (32 pics), At Play - Tanz (14pics) Individual children (101 pics),
Water carrying (20 pics), Hapiness (2 pics), Manchester and Doha Airports (13 pics)
Arrival - Bethany (17 pics), Nairobi Airport 4hour wait (27 pics), Trampoline (18pics),
York visit (19pics)

Video footage:

Accrington College presentation (2.28mins - 28meg)

Photos taken on the July - August trip (over 800)

New outfits for the Bethany Choir (34pics), Doing the chores (16pics), Line dancing! (96pics)

English Lessons (34pics), Skipping and Games (25pics), Groups of Children (14pics)

Individual children (56pics), Donated percussion Instruments (9pics), Letters received (46pics)

Letters sent (3pics), Letter writing (67pics), New children (12pics), Return trip (52pics)

Singing practice (137pics), Sunrise - sunsets (70pics), Donated towels & clothes (11pics)

Trip -outbound (38pics), Views from the water tank (14pics), Visiting Teams (70pics)

Wildlife (20pics)

REPORTS by visiting group members:  Cathy Riley, Rebecca Dyer, Karen Ross,

Photos taken on the July trip:

Letters received, (53pics), General interest (24pics)

Photos taken on the June-July Trip (over 750)

Dave at work (11pics),  Amy Tew (15 pics),  New girl - Pendo (4pics)

Building work (30pics),  Rhona and Stanley Burns (12pics), English Exams (32pics)

Stanley and Rhona’s photos (63pics),  July Volunteer’s children (17pics),

Children working (21pics),  Children Playing (29pics) Individual Children (79pics),

Groups children  (16pics), Waiting for the bus (38pics), Sleepinn arrival (50pics),

 Sleepinn breakfast (24pics), Children with passports group A (12pics),

Children with passports group B (11pics),  Children with passports group C (11pics),

Bus depot -1 (28pics), Bus depot -2 (20pics),  Children and chips (17pics),

Letters received (43pics), Letter writing (33pics),  Satellite Dish (11pics)
Children practicing dance and singing (95pics), Sunrise (34pics)


click here to download (low qualilty),  click here to download (medium qualilty)


Photos from the April trip (over 550 photos)

New Children (13pics), Children at work (31pics), ‘100th Child’ party (50pics)

Building work-new classrooms etc. (28pics),  Letters received (34pics),

Letter writing (12pics), Joinery work (50pics), Plumbing work (26pics),
Teaching the children (English) (17pics), Children’s tooth care (9pics), Play (27pics),
Games (14pics),  New seesaw (21pics), Singers (30pics), Visiting team (43pics),
Sponsored children (28pics), Groups of children (35pics),  Individual children (50pics),

Members of the July Trip (4pics),  Sunrise/sets (29pics)
Reports on the trip by: John Brindle, Wendy Whitaker
and from a previous trip July 2005 by Gary Nolan

Photos from the March Trip (over 360) click on the various headings

Airport (15pics), Building work (29pics), Famine relief (8pics), Food! (37pics),
Groups of children (57pics), Individual children (88pics), Letters received (35pics),
Letter writing (25pics), Melissa (7pics), New children (22pics), Sunrise/sets (46pics)
Children working the land (22pics)

Photos from the January 2006 Trip (over 300) click on the various headings

New children (8pics), The visiting team (65pics), Villagers (105pics)

Inividual children (108pics), Groups of children (19pics), Activities (9pics)

Dining room (17pics), Singing (45pics), Awards (9pics), Letters (70pics)


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Derby Grammar School visit


Jesca & Emmakulatha


Reunion - Skipping!


Individual children - pics


Baby Naomi for Daniel & Eliada


Group pics




Letters Received



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March 2012 Videos
Eunice sends a message to Sophia (studying in the UK)
Mungu Ni Pendo
Message from Sophia
Reply from Rehema
 May 2011 Videos
Secondary School messages
Class 6 messages
Class 5 messages
Class 4 messages
Class 3 messages
Class 2 messages

January 2011 Videos
Update by Daniel and Eliada
Blessed Assurance
Swahili song and dance

December 2009
Lean on me
Love, love changes everything
Love, love .... fun song
Dance 1Dance 2


Choir introductions
Aims and Objectives
Zim bam bu
Come now is the time
to worshp

How Great thou art
I close my eyes
Joyful Joyful
I am not forgotten
March 2009
New Video clips
Dave’s and Vicky’s update
Walk round Bethany (1-4)
Building Work
We are marching - HD
Mariam & friends sing
Maize Harvest
Video Jan. 2009
Message from
Eva and Rehema

Video Nov 2008

Bethany intro 4mins
Videos added Nov 2008
I have decided to follow
Sukuma tribal wedding song
Gateway Ch. York visit 2004
Medley of songs for visit 2006
Whim away-Lion sleeps tonight

Video July  2008
Visitor’s Choir - John3:16
Visitor’s choir- Thank you
Bethany choir song
Parachute fun
Soon and very soon
Oh be careful little eyes
Kum Ba Yah
Video May 2008
Sunday Service song

Our God is an awesome God

Sunday Service fun time
Eva Joseph teaching
How great thou art
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Sept - Nov 2009
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‘Our God is an awesome God’

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‘Our God is an awesome God’

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dorm 2000202

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Blessed Assurance

The lion sleeps tonight

Any dream will do (Joseph’s - dreamcoat)

I the Lord of sea and Sky

My Jesus my Saviour

Lord I lift your name on high