JULY 2003

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Graham, Sheila and Paul Pountain returned from Bethany on the 27th June with many new photographs, short videos and mp3s of the children singing. It will take a week or so until all these are downloaded on to the web site - so please be patient. We have split these up into groups so that they are more accessible (please click on the photos to enlarge). The groups are: Gillís party, New Girl - Mariam Christopher, Farming, Football, Dining room and Kitchen, Washing, Swings, Blackburn Rovers supporter (Ngeme).
Misc photos, Songs, Videos.

Students from the East Midlands Universities together with group leaders Keith Pittson and Ryan McNaught attended our July meeting at Abbey books in Oswaldtwistle.
This was in preparation for their August visit when they hope to build a new kitchen and dining room.
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Gillís leaving party

News from Tanzania Tuesday July 1st

Gillian Luck: Gill returned to the UK after serving with the Bethany Project from July last year to mid June of this year. Gill saw many changes at Bethany during her time there. She was instrumental in helping the new management team settle in. A party was held in her honour the day before she left and if you click here or on the photo on the right you will see pictures of the event when the staff and children thanked her for her efforts and hard work over the last twelve months. Gill is now back in her home town of Rutland staying with friends until her house becomes available and she resumes her old job at the end of July. We want to take this opportunity of thanking Gill for all her hard work over the last twelve months and Iím sure all the children and staff of Bethany have many cherished memories.
NEW GIRL. Last month we reported a new arrival - Mariam Christopher. We now have photographs of her together with some details. Mariamís grandmother brought her to Bethany as she could no longer look after her after both her parents had died. Click here to see photographs of her settling down at Bethany.
Shida Sadly we said good-bye to Shida when her uncle turned up with a letter from the Social Welfare Office in Magu to say that he was to take her from Bethany to look after her. Shidaís brother Yohanna is fortunately still with us as their uncle was not interested in taking him. In Tanzania girls are often seen as an investment as they are there to help with the chores, the cooking, the growing of crops and eventually when they get married the parents will receive a dowry from the boys parents of several cows, goats etc.
Children: The children were on holiday until the end of June and have been filling their days with work, play, eating, sleeping and singing:
Farming: The children rise very early in the morning at about 6.30am and work until midday. They form four teams - each team looking after a particular crop or field. After lunch they have free time + studies and then they spend some time looking after their own shambas. The girls especially can often be seen carrying water to their shambas into the late evening - Click here to see pictures.
Football: In the afternoon and early evening the boys and some of the girls have been playing football and practicing their football skills with Paul.
Click here to see the action pictures.
Dining room: We thought we should show some pictures of our old dining room since very shortly after the end of August we should be using our new dining room and kitchen which is to built by the student group coming in August: Click here to see the pictures.
Road Building: The money set aside for the road building ran out in June so work was temporarily suspended. The team are hoping to finish the work as soon as funds are available.
Clinic: Daniel reports that ďeverything is fine now though it was a bit busy with many patients.Ē Emmanuel our new lab technician has settled in and enjoying the work.
East Midlands Universities students trip: 21 members, 16 students and five others visit Bethany in August to build the new Kitchen and Dining room. They are from the East Midlands Universities. The children are eagerly looking forward to their arrival - they love to make new friends!
DANIELís Visit: Daniel flew back to Bethany on Friday the 30th May flying from Manchester airport at 14:00 hours. He has been telling all his friends old and new of his experiences in England
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Future Trips:
Graham Pountain, Graham, Elaine and Anya Earnshaw visit July - August.

New Girl -Mariam Christopher

Children farming at Bethany

Football at Bethany

Dining room and Kitchen

Jessica fetching water

Joy doing her washing


Ngeme resting


Paul with Bugumya & Mariam