Happy Christmas to everyone
and thanks for your ongoing support.
We expect the new year to bring forth many new opportunities for Bethany.

News reported during December 2003
Daniel has been in regular communication this month - reporting that the Tanz team have been busy making preparations for Christmas etc. They are visiting three different churches over the Christmas period so that they can accommodate all the children - Daniel reports as follows:

Holidays: The team has agreed together for the children to attend Christmas services in different places on different dates as follows; 23/12/03 Bulima A.I.C.T.,  24/12/03 Magu A.I.C.T., 25/12/03 Nyamikoma A.I.C.T. (almost 30 minutes driving from Bethany on the way to Bunda).
Health: All the children are healthy except Abel who has got some blisters on his back, which is kind of a disease but his condition is not very serious and we are taking him to Magu hospital this morning for check up.

Education: The children are continuing learning English, Maths and singing very well.

Clinic & Water:  The clinic is working very well but the water system has got stuck from coming up from the lake to the tank down the lake, we hope to deal with it some time today or Monday next week.
In another email Daniel writes concerning the children:
They are generally very healthy, very busy learning English from me, leaning maths from Onesmo (this is only and especially form one, Mwita and Rehema Kassim) and working on their own shamba (gardens) wonderfully.

Home news:

UK Team: We are happy to tell you that we now have two new members helping the UK team. They are Graham and Elaine Earnshaw who have been coming to our team meetings since their return from Bethany last August. Jo Hartley has also returned to help with the additional workload we are expecting in the coming months.

Future Trips: Brian Bancroft and John Fisher visit Bethany for three weeks in January (2004) and they have many plans to fulfill.

Graham and Sheila Pountain accompanied by Nathan and others hope to visit in January - February (2004).

Other news: We would like to take this opportunity of thanking all of our supporters for their onging support and we feel that 2003 has been a very successful year and that God willing Bethany will be able to provide for many more children in the not too distant future.

New vehicle grant: Keith Pitson (RAF) very kindly put us in touch with ‘Kids to care for’ who have awarded us a grant towards a new vehicle. We shall be following this up in the new year - more news next year (2004).


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