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The Bethany Project
Childrens’ Home, Clinic and Clean Water Supply


Registered in Tanzania as an International Society
Reg. No. SO 8059

Administered in the UK by The Northern Evangelical Trust,
188/190 Union Road, Oswaldtwistle, Lancs. BB5 3ER.
Registered Charity No. 517995.

The Bethany Project Constitution

  • Article 1
  • 1.1  The name of the organisation shall be ‘The Bethany Project’.
  • 1.2  The registered Office and Headquarters shall be in Magu District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania.
  • 1.3  The address shall be: P.O. Box 363, Magu, Mwanza.
  • 1.4  The official language of ‘The Bethany Project’ shall be English and Swahili.
  • Article 2
  • Objectives
  • 2.1  To help the most underprivileged, deprived and vulnerable members of society especially orphaned children, providing education where possible.
  • 2.2  To establish Orphanages.
  • 2.3  To establish Clinics and Health Centres.
  • 2.4  To implement Community Health Programmes.
  • 2.5  To carry out Health Education.
  • 2.6  To promote the Christian faith through the activities listed above and by the preaching of the Gospel.
  • 2.7  To co-operate with other organisations with similar objectives to ‘The Bethany Project’.
  • 2.8  To conduct research that will further the above objectives.
  • 2.9  To raise funds and other resources to fulfil the objectives.
  • 2.10 To do all that is necessary to facilitate attainment of the objectives
  • 2.11 To carry out the work of the ‘The Bethany Project’ with love, commitment and compassion.
  • Article 3
  • Statement of Faith
  • 3.1  ‘The Bethany Project’ is an ecumenical organisation committed to promoting Christianity.
  • 3.2  We believe in One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that salvation is only found in Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
  • We believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God.
  • We aim to be obedient to the great commission - ‘To go and make disciples of all nations’.
  • 3.3  ‘Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep oneself from being polluted by the world’. James 1.27
  • Article 4
  • Membership
  • 4.1  There shall be three types of members:
  • a) Founding Organisation
  • b) Active members
  • c) Associate members
  • 4.2  Qualifications for Membership are the following:
  • a) Founding Organisation - the Northern Evangelical Trust A charity registered in the UK Charity No. 517995
  • b) Active members - Persons recommended by the founding organisation and whose active involvement will further the objectives of the Project.
  • c) Associate members - Persons who are interested in and wish to contribute to the work of ‘The Bethany Project’.
  • 4.3 Membership of 'The Bethany Project' will be by invitation of the active members
  • 4.4  Cessation of members shall be effected in the following ways:
  • a) Through resignation or death.
  • b) The active members may resolve to suspend or expel any individual or group on the grounds that such member’s conduct or activities have adversely affected the reputation objectives or interests of ‘The Bethany Project’. This will only be done after such a member is accorded an opportunity to provide an explanation in defence.
  • c) The founding organisation is exempt from article 4.4b.
  • Article 5
  • Office Bearers
  • 5.1  The day to day management of activities and affairs of ‘The Bethany Project’ shall be carried out by the management team.
  • 5.2  The management team shall consist of: an administrator, a medical co-ordinator and a site manager.
  • 5.3  The founding organisation may at a later date add other positions to the management team as required.
  • 5.4  The management team shall be made up of active members.
  • 5.5  The terms of office, duties and responsibilities of the management team shall be determined by the founding organisation.
  • 5.6  The salaries and remunerations of the management team shall be determined by the founding organisation.
  • 5.7  The management team shall keep records of all activities of ‘The Bethany Project’ which shall be readily available to all active members.
  • 5.8  The management team may appoint committees to support them in their work or to carry out specific activities.
  • 5.9  The management team shall be answerable to the founding organisation.
  • Article 6
  • Meetings
  • 6.1  The management team shall work together and meet on a day to day basis.
  • 6.2  The Active members shall meet with the management team on a regular basis. The quorum for this meeting shall be 50% of all active members.
  • 6.3  The management team will call a meeting of all members as often as required.l
  • 6.4  In all meetings the members in attendance shall choose a chairperson and a minute-taker.
  • Article 7
  • Decision Making
  • 7.1  All members of ‘The Bethany Project’ shall be committed to reaching consensus in all decisions. This means that all members shall work together to come to a common position. Consensus requires members to listen carefully and to respect each other’s views, including the views of those who dissent.
  • 7.2  If consensus cannot be reached decisions shall be made by simple majority.
  • 7.3  Voting shall be done by secret ballot if requested by any one member.
  • 7.4  The Active members may from time to time institute specific rules, regulations or procedures to facilitate the work of ‘The Bethany Project’ and these shall be binding on all active and associate members.
  • 7.5  The constitution may be amended by agreement with the founding organisation.
  • Article 8
  • Funding and Finances
  • 8.1  The funding of ‘The Bethany Project’ shall be derived from:
  • a) contributions from members.
  • b) Grants and donations from local or international donors.
  • c) Bank interest.
  • d) Other sources.
  • 8.2  The management team shall ensure that the finances of ‘The Bethany Project’ are accountable and well documented. Financial reports shall be regularly available to all active members.
  • Article 9
  • Trustees
  • 9.1  ‘The Bethany Project’ shall have three Trustees, registered as Trustees as required by the laws of Tanzania.
  • 9.2  The Trustees shall be appointed by the active members. Their tenure of office shall be three years from their date of appointment. A Trustee may be re-appointed.
  • 9.3  The property of ‘The Bethany Project’ shall be vested in the Trustees who shall have the powers and duties defined in the laws of Tanzania.
  • 9.4  The founding organisation has the right to expel any trustee if they believe the Trustee has misused his or her office or has adversely affected the reputation, objectives or interests of ‘The Bethany Project’.
  • 9.5  A Trustee may resign by giving 30 days notice in writing to the other Trustees and the management team.
  • 9.6  The quorum of the Trustees shall be two.
  • Article 10
  • Dissolution
  • 10.1 A motion to dissolve ‘The Bethany Project’ shall be binding if passed by a majority of three quarters of the active members and agreed by the founding organisation.
  • 10.2 In the event of dissolution all the liabilities of ‘The Bethany Project’ shall be fully discharged and any remaining resources shall be distributed to any organisation in Tanzania with aims and objectives similar to those of ‘The Bethany Project’.
  • 10.3 No funds or assets of ‘The Bethany Project’ may be distributed amongst members.