Dear Supporters,
We are always grateful to receive donations (however large or small) towards our work for the benefit of all the children in our care both visiting and back at Bethany Tanzania.
However, we would prefer it if schools and churches would refrain from giving the visiting choir children gifts whatever these might be.  In the past the children have had so many pens, pencils, books, sweets, chocolates, soft toys etc that they have not been able to carry them back to Tanzania due to the limited luggage they are allowed.  To be honest these items are not a priority as we would rather be able to provide shoes, school uniforms and Tanzanian text books to help with their education.  It can also give the children a distorted view on the values of these things and be a source of discontent between the two groups - i.e. which group got the better presents etc etc.
Below we have re-printed our gifts policy which applies to all those connected with Bethany and hope you understand why it is necessary.

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The Bethany Project

Policy with Regard to Gifts

Bethany Policy with regard to gifts of any kind or any other benefit offered.

Applicable to Visitors - Guests - Supporters - Suppliers - Government Officials etc:
Everyone who has contact with Bethany is requested not to offer gifts - inducements - rewards - (benefits in kind) to any persons, children, staff, workers, volunteers etc. ( The reason for this is that gifts offered to individuals show favouritism and may in certain circumstances be considered a bribe or expecting special treatment or as a reward for such gift etc.).

However, we are happy to receive gifts of money, goods or labour, which will further the aims and objectives of Bethany which can be used for the benefit of the whole Bethany community.  Such gifts should be handed or offered to the management team members. The gift will then be receipted for by the Tanz. team with a copy to the UK team who have overall responsibility with regards to finance etc. The gift will then be acknowledge and made available for the work in Tanzania.

Applicable to Children, Staff, workers, volunteers etc.
It is a fundamental principle of the Bethany community that no one should ask for anything from any visitors - Guests - Supporters - Suppliers - Government Officials.  Anyone asking for a gift should be reported to the Management team immediately.  If an unsolicited gift is proffered then it must be politely refused.  As from October 2003 accepting such gifts will be judged as a case for instant dismissal.

N.B. Any person proffering gifts should be reminded that Bethany requests people not to offer gifts and for this reason they would not be able to accept.  Secondly the person/child has agreed not to accept any gifts and this should also been explained to those offering such gifts.

Exceptions - where the gift is appropriate and with the full knowledge of the giver it is passed on for the use of the Bethany community as a whole with the knowledge of both the Tanz management team and the UK team.

    Policy updated:  October 2003