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Comments received about the choir

I am a teacher at a primary school in Blackburn that had the wonderful privilege of meeting some of your incredible children today (23/09/09). I was genuinely humbled by the extraordinary maturity, amazing talents and desperate backgrounds that these children faced and would love nothing more than to extend my support to your incredible organisation. I wonder if you could update me on the sponsorship position for the children who visited our school today?

Comments received from students of a secondary school
(from evaluation feedback forms)
The Bethany children were amazing, they’ve changed my life
The Bethany children. They were amazing, especially the boy on the bongo.
The Bethany kids because they are an inspiration.
The Bethany family – It was great to hear them sing. I also liked learning about the family. I think it is an amazing thing they are doing.
Bethany Project – so moving.
The Bethany Project  - they were really good and it was very emotional.
The Bethany Project – at lunch I got a chance to talk to Daniel on how to get involved with the Bethany Project, and I really hope to.
The Bethany Project. It was interesting & I learnt a lot.
Bethany Project because it was amazing
I enjoyed listening to the Bethany children singing because it was something different and unique.
I really want to thank you for giving me the chance to meet the Bethany Project, and I really hope to get involved. A truly life-changing day.
Email from someone who had seen them at a primary school
'I'll come along to the event at Blackburn Cathedral on October 13th. I'm really sorry but would I be able to just collect the tins as the event is very emotional and after seeing them at our Primary School, I don't think I could sit through it again but want to do something to help.
Is it ok to have the tins near the till where i work ?'

hank you for singing in my school today called St Peter’s RC primary school, Blackburn. I really enjoyed the singing and stories you told, and I enjoyed the demonstration of the girl carrying water on her head. the young boy at the front really made me laugh and I thought the boy doing the drumming was really good.  Thank you again for visiting my school
What a fabulous day, I am blown away by the energy and dedication you have and all you have achieved so far. It has been a delight spending time with the children, I hope they had as much fun as we did. The time went so quickly, we could have done with another hour or two! The children's singing, their spirit and joyfulness certainly touches everyone deeply. Thank you for coming to Trinity,
I had the pleasure of seeing the children of Bethany today at the University Centre in Blackburn. This was the first time I had heard of the organisation and I am absolutely overwhemled by the work carried out by the people involved.
The children were an inspiration to watch, I thoroughly enjoyed the short time they spent with us.
I have been on the website as I am very interested by this organisation.
May I take this opprtunity to say a big thank you to the children of Bethany and all involved.
God bless them all







I saw these beautiful children at our school today!! they were truly amazing!! I will never forget the experience of seeing them....
Beautiful... I saw these children at our school in Newchurch Waterfoot today!!!  they will never be forgotten, how could I !! xxx
My boys at the school really enjoyed the presentation. They came home showing me the dancing and singing also. They said that the children were going to perform at the Cathederal and that they would like to go !
There's been a huge positive response, all the children are really interested in hearing more and very taken with the choir, Denis in particular!
The Bethany family are so lovely and truly inspirational. They are the sweetest, and most polite children I have met. They always make me feel so humble...especially when I compare our 'materialistic' lifestyles to theirs..... and yet they always seem so happy.

they r awsome !! they should get on britans got talent
Thank you for attending Heywood community high school, we enjoyed your visit . The music was beautiful and really inspirational. We hope you have a safe flight home. We have loved your company.
The calendar was beautiful and left us all lost for words. All your smile’s brightened up our days, you was all so polite and very very talented. A pleasure to have you all. Sorry about the weather. Hope to see you again soon.
Please find attached a few photos I took at the morning craft session.  It was a wonderful day, the children were lovely and it was an honour to spend some time with them.
These talented kids came to my school on a choir tour I think it was, and they touched me, they really touched me,Ii hope they come next year!
Thank you so much for coming and visiting our school this morning you are all truly inspirational!All the children and adults enjoyed your beautiful singing and your smiling faces have stayed with us all day. We enjoyed listening to your stories and it has given us much to think about and be thankful for.The children have been looking at your web site and are very keen to write you letters when you return home. We haven’t stopped talking about you all day!Thank you once again for such a special morning. I hope you enjoy the remainder of your stay in England