Zawadi Hassan

Picture taken - January 2007
Height: 101cm  Weight: 14kg

Bethany Children

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Joined Bethany

February 2006



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Family History:
Zawadi’s parents divorced when she was about two years old - 2004. Her mother remarried another man and they both died the year after – 2004. Her father came and took Zawadi with the claim that she was his daughter. Few months later it was found by the neighbors who then reported to the village leader in Magu that this man used to beat Zawadi very severely because she wet the bed and messed it up. It was report that when beaten Zawadi was loosing consciousness! The village leader reported to the social officer who went to this man’s home for investigation so it was found to be true that he mistreated his daughter. Zawadi’s father was arrested and put into jail, and she was taken to Bethany as the only possibility to love and care for her.
To date she is happy growing well, and gets along well with the rest of the Bethany family.

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