Yunis Leonard - 500

Picture taken - 03/05/2008
Height: 91 cm  Weight: 14.5 kg

Bethany Children

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Favourite Food

Rice and beans

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Family History:
Yunis was abandoned by her mother when she was one and a half years old. It is said that her mother went to Dar-es-Salaam  but no one knows exactly whereabouts in Dar. She lived with her grandmother who later died on 2nd March 2007 leaving Yunis and her aunt Sophia with no one to care for them.  Arrangements were made by the social welfare office in Mwanza  for Yunis to be taken to Forever Angels and for Sophia to come to Bethany.  Therefore, Yunis has been at forever Angels baby home since August 22nd 2006. At ‘Forever Angels’ they only look after babies until they are five years old and so when Yunis reached five yrs she came to Bethany so she can stay with Sophia since there is no other known relatives and of course it is the best place for orphaned children! Yunis is a happy girl, she is settling in ok.

Report by Eliada Bujiku (Tanzanian Team member)

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