Bethany Children

First name


Family name


Father’s name

Jimmy Mbiso

Mother’s name

Rebecca Mbiso



Date of birth


Joined Bethany




Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Ugali and Dagaa

Favourite Drink

Coca Cola

Favourite Subject


Best Friends

Frank Deus and Beckam Manuari

Favourite pastime




Family History:  See below

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Picture taken - Jan 2014
Height:124cm   Weight: 25kg

Family History:

Wambura was abandoned by both his parents. It has been said that, his father impregnated his mother and left without anybody’s knowledge.  Due to difficult life, his mother also disappeared and left Wambura with his grandmother.  A very rude step grandfather was very angry and mad at his wife every time he saw Wambura in the home.  He kept saying take that boy away from my home he is not my responsibility and so I don’t want to see him around.  As he became a bit older; he began to experience the nasty words from his step grandfather.  He wets the bed and was beaten every day.  Never been to school even though he should have started school.

He has never seen his father or heard of him, has seen his mother only once when she visited her parents for a few hours. 

Wambura wandered into the streets for several days until a good Samaritan brought him to Bethany.  We have visited his grandmother’s house and spoken to them but unfortunately, his grandfather does not even want to hear anything about Wambura.  Wambura was in tears when we said we will take him back and all he remembers is the beating and nasty words from his grandfather.

Report updated on 21st January 2013

Report by Eliada Bujiku