Tabaji John - 500

Picture taken - January 2007
Height: 151cm  Weight: 45kg

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Bethany Children

First name


Family name


Date of birth


Joined Bethany

July 2000



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Chips and chicken

Favourite Drink


Favourite Subject

Maths and English

Best Friends

Mwita, Hamza, Daniel

Favourite pastime




Tabaji was the son of a witchdoctor who did not like him or his brother Peter playing with the other children in the village. To prevent this happening, his father set fire to his feet causing much suffering. He also burnt Peterís feet but not quite so badly. Even so, both brothers manage to escape from their father and were treated at hospital for their injuries.
It was thought that Bethany could look after both brothers and give them the medical help they needed.
Tabaji joined Bethany a short time after his brother after spending a short time in hospital. His feet were badly burned and needed a lot of medical attention also requiring the amputation of both his little toes. His feet had to be dressed by the nurse in the clinic daily.
To date Tabajiís wounds have healed although he, like his brother Peter, always wears shoes to cover his scars. He settled in well at Bethany and gets on well with the other children.

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