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Bethany Children

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Family name


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Joined Bethany

Oct 2007



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Rice and beans

Favourite Drink


Favourite Subject


Best Friends


Favourite pastime



Bus driver

Family History:  See below

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Picture taken - November 2008
Height: 145cm  Weight: 30kg

Family History:
Stephen has got two brothers at Bethany called John 14 years old and Kapaya 7 years old. His father died of HIV AIDS in 2006. Stephen’s mother was left already affected with the virus. She lives in Magu and has been trying to find any jobs that she can earn some money for living without success. However, she has asked some relatives to look after her three sons because she is ill time to time but none volunteered. She depends on begging from anybody. She has been begging from individuals and AIC Magu to feed her sons. Because of the family pressure, she has been struggling to live and it is where she met Onesmo (former worker at Bethany and a church member in Magu) who directed her to come to Bethany to find a possibility. Daniel, Paul, Eliada and Ruth (Stephen’s mother) went in a village far away from Magu where she said these children were living. Unfortunately, they did not see the children because they had gone to another family in another village. After an interview done by Mr. Bujiku it was found that these children really need help (bearing in mind that their mother will die any time so the children will have no body to look after them!) After a few days when Daniel came back from Mwanza, he found these children already at Bethany. Actually they looked unhappy and uncomfortable after a few more days at Bethany, they seem to get along well in this welcoming family.

Report By Eliada Bujiku ( Tanzanian team member)