Sophia Helman - 500

Picture taken - March 2007
Height: 140 cm  Weight: 42 kg

Bethany Children

First name

Sophia Helman

Family name


Date of birth

11th August 1993

Joined Bethany

March 2007



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Rice and Chicken

Favourite Drink


Favourite Subject


Best Friends


Favourite pastime




Family History:
Sophia never saw her father since she was born. Her mother told her that her father had died when she was very young. Before her mother died in March 2007, they used to live in a rented room. Sophia’s mother approached the DC who wrote her a letter to go around and ask for a donation so that she could start a business. She managed to get 20,000/= TSH which she bought some tomatoes to sell and feed her two children. In 2004, one of Sophia’s cousins gave birth to a baby girl and she abandoned the baby. In 2006, Sophia’s mother was advised to take the baby girl to Forever Angels to be looked after. Sophia and her mother visited from time to time to see how she was doing! Later in 2005, Sophia’s mother became ill and was admitted to Bugando hospital many times and had surgery. It could be that she was HIV positive (according to the nature of the illness). The owner of the room they were renting caused many troubles to them because he was selling local alcohol and many drunkard people disturbed them everyday.
Sophia’s mother thought it would be better for her and her children to move from there and find another place. Because she was ill many times, she stopped her business so depended on Amy’s support to live. They were welcomed at their church’s compound (Pentecost Assemblies of God) near Bugando hospital and were given a room where at night Sophia and her mother shared a single bed and her brother slept on the floor.
On 2nd March 2007, Sophia’s mother died! and Sophia had nowhere to go!  Amy talked to Sophia if she would like to come to Bethany after Amy had talked to Graham about her. Sophia came to Bethany and has promised to work hard and behave well! She is happy at the moment though when interviewed, still upset about her mother’s death because it was just two weeks ago. We feel confident that she will settle in to the Bethany family  very soon!

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