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Zawadi Hassan

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Picture taken - 03/05/2008
Height: 106 cm Weight: 21 kg

Family History:
Sharlin’s parents died when she was four years old. She was looked after by her aunt who is married with six children. She was mistreated by her aunt’s husband. He never liked Sharlin and from time to time, he would speak nasty words to her like “I did not kill your parents so do not expect me to look after you” (according to Pastor Alal). One day she saw other children coming from school and so she asked them how was school and all sorts of thing. Because she had been told that she would never have an opportunity to go to school, she thought she would just stand by the road the next day and wait for those children she had met to take her to their school. She went with them and she was welcomed and she did not want to go back to her aunt. Pastor Alal who is very much involved in that school had to go to that family to find out more about Sharlin. Sharlin’s uncle said he would never ever welcome her back because she is not his responsibility. He went inside and brought a few clothes for Sharlin and threw them to this pastor. Again Pastor Alal, realised that he had to do something for this girl. He welcomed her into his family since 2006 until April 2008 when he asked if Bethany could help him look after her since he has got another 31 orphaned children in his care. Pastor Alal, who had known Bethany for sometime, contacted the village and social officers in Shirati who then confirmed that Sharlin was an orphan
Pastor Alal, had visited Bethany in January 2008, and was given a chance for three girls, because he looks after 31 orphaned children with no support from anybody apart from a few local people who would just manage to share their little food with these orphans at pastor Allal’s family but can not afford to pay for their school needs, medical expenses, etc. 
Therefore, on the 3rd of April 2008, Sharlin was officially admitted at Bethany. At the moment, she speaks very little Swahili because she is not used to Swahili. But can only speak the Luo tribal language which is a bit harder for anybody here at Bethany to understand. We hope, she will be able to cope very well into our family.

Report By Eliada Bujiku ( Tanzanian team member)