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China and Emmakulata

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Picture taken - 03/05/2008
Height: 155 cm Weight: 46 kg

Family History:
Salome’s parent fought in the early march 2008 which resulted into divorce. The husband beat his wife until she was unconscious and the neighbours had to ring the police. When he found out that the police were coming, he ran away. Salome’s mother was taken to hospital and her relatives came the day after, She was near to death but the doctor’s tried the best they could and she recovered after two weeks. She was taken to her home place where it believed that she is there until now. After the father ran away, Salome decided to find her uncle in Mwanza. She had known of him when she was nine years old when they visited him together with her mother. When she arrived at that place, her uncle was not there, the neighbours said her uncle left long time a go and no body knows where he was.
She wondered in the streets that day until very late in evening when one of the street girls introduced her to Kuleana children’s rescue center. When she went to Kuleana, they said they were not taking girls because boys were being rude to the girls so it was difficult for the girls to stay at Kuleana. She had to go back to the streets of Mwanza where she spent the night.
The following day, as she was wandering around, she met a man who told her to go a Amani children’s home. When she got there, they said they had no room to take more children. She was told to go to social welfare in Mwanza where according to her no body paid attention to what she was trying to say. She decided to leave and wander again. She met another man who was coming to Magu. After she told him her problem, that man bought her some food, and told her to come with him to Magu. When they arrived in Magu, he paid a bus to bring her to Bethany. So she was directed to stop at Sogesca and ask where Bethany is.
She came on her own on 14th March 2008 very late in the evening. To this date, we know nothing about her mother and where she is, since Salome had been to her mother’s place when she was four years old so she does not remember exactly where.  She was very upset about the situation with her parents, as soon as she was warmly welcomed at Bethany; she is really great, good behaviour and wanting to learn more.
Report By Eliada Bujiku ( Tanzanian team member)

Obviously some of the facts in this report are wrong and will be rectified when next we visit Bethany