Rwechungura Richard - 500

Picture taken - January 2007
Height: 179cm  Weight: 50kg

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Bethany Children

First name


Family name


Date of birth


Joined Bethany

January 1998



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Chips and Chicken

Favourite Drink

Coca Cola

Favourite Subject


Best Friends

Tabaji and Mwita

Favourite pastime



Computer teacher

Rwechungura came from Bukoba with his father. After his father died in Bugando hospital following a vicious attack, Rwechungura was forced to live on the streets. His mother is alive but does not have a specific place to live as she moves from house to house – it seems she is probably a prostitute. Someone took Rwechungura to Kuleana where a woman seemed to recognise him as she was a neighbour in his home village. Later, Kuleana did a home visit to Bukoba where he used to live and found an uncle who lived in terrible conditions and was a drunkard. Nobody from his home village wanted to be responsible for him.  As integration was impossible for Rwechungura as nobody seemed to care about him or was willing to look after him Kuleana believed the Bethany family would be the best, and probably only, option for him. Because of the rejection felt by Rwechungura i.e. nobody wanting to take care of him, not even his mother, this caused him to have low self-esteem and to cry a lot. He felt so hurt about his situation that he stated that, when he became older, he wanted to take revenge on those who had hurt him.  To date Rwechungura is a quiet, hardworking boy who does well at school and is very interested in computers. He gets on well with the other children and seems to be very settled at Bethany. His mother has visited him once whilst he has been living at Bethany and has written him a letter telling him about her life (along with a photograph) and what had happened to his father. She also told him that he has a sister who lives with her grandmother (not Rwechungura’s grandmother) He is, therefore, fully aware of his family background.

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