Bethany Children

First name


Family name


Father’s name

Daudi Masunje

Mother’s name

Elizabeth Rafael



Date of birth


Joined Bethany




Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Ugali and Fish

Favourite Drink


Favourite Subject


Best Friends

Anna Michael and Esther John

Favourite pastime

Reading Books



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Picture taken - Jan 2014
Height:121cm   Weight: 35kg

Rose has got an older sister (Anna) and an older brother (Richard) at Bethany. They originally lived in Mwanza with both parents. Their lives were miserable because both of their parents were victims of HIV, and couldn’t meet their basic needs as they both needed a lot of looking after. Both parents died of HIV I in 2010.  They were left to live with their grandmother who is also HIV positive and so is ill from time to time. The children did not have their basic needs, went hungry for many days, stopped going to school for about six months as they started looking after their ill grandmother. It was when the neighbour report to the village leader who then reported to the social welfare office about the children. On the 6th January 2014, we received a letter from Mara Regional social welfare officer to ask if we had vacancy for the children. It was sad that they were all above the age we can take but after an investigation of their circumstance, we felt that Bethany was the only solution for these children. Rose is settling in ok at Bethany. She struggles with the learning but hopefully she will get used to it and fulfill what God has intended for her.

Report dated January 2014

Report by Eliada Bujiku