Renatus Evarist - 500

Picture taken - January 2007
Height: 134cm  Weight: 30kg

Bethany Children

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Joined Bethany

January 2007



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Family History:
His father died ten years a go and he stayed with his mother who is HIV positive and very ill most of the time. At the moment his mother is very ill and she is admitted at Bugando hospital. He stayed with his mother, grandfather, and grandmother. In June 2006 his grandfather (about 70 years old) abandoned his family and married another wife (24years old girl). This made life so difficult for that family. Renatus’ mother who is very ill, came to Bethany to find a possibility of him being accepted at Bethany. However, he did not like it home because his mother would be harsh (because of the illness) and so felt very bad because he was the only child left at home while his sisters are at Bethany.  Renatus has three sisters who happily enjoy the life at Bethany. Finally the Bethany family accepted him under the two conditions of hard work and good behavior.

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