Ramadhani Thobias - 500

Picture taken - January 2007
Height: 162cm  Weight: 40kg

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Bethany Children

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Family name


Date of birth


Joined Bethany

January 1998



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food


Favourite Drink

Coca Cola

Favourite Subject

Maths and English

Best Friends

Jesca Juma and Jesca Jamesi

Favourite pastime




Ramadhanís father left his mother and brother and his whereabouts are unknown. It is believed that his father left the family around the time of Ramadhanís birth. Ramadhan and his brother Ibrahim were admitted to Kuleana on 25th August 1995 approximately six months after their motherís death. There appear to be no other living relatives. During the months from his motherís death and living at Kuleana, Ramadhan and Ibrahim lived for a while with a friend of their mother. But it soon became apparent that she could not afford to look after them and she surrendered them to the village elders. The father came from Tanga and it appears the motherís origin is Nairobi. No-one from either place ever visited the boys.
During the six months after his mother died, Ramadhan and his brother were not being cared for properly. Whilst staying with their motherís friend they had to sleep at night in the kibanda from which she sold food during the day. After a few months this woman asked for help and they were admitted to Kuleana. It was thought by the staff at Kuleana that both these brothers needed a loving and caring home-life. They were both of poor physical appearance and needed medical help Bethany could help with this problem. On an information sheet received from Kuleana it stated that they (Kuleana) thought both brothers were good candidates for The Bethany Family to accept.
On arrival at Bethany, Ramadhanís body was covered in Scabies. He was emotionally young for his age and had a depressive personality. He was suffering from malnutrition and was coughing a lot. He could appear very affectionate and crave attention.
To date Ramadhan is much healthier, plays well with the other children and seems to be content with his family life at Bethany.

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