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Bethany Children

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Joined Bethany

October  2008



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Favourite Food

Rice and meat

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Best Friends

Esther Stephen

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Family History:  See below

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Picture taken - October 2008
Height:  153cm Weight:  33kg

Family History:
Mwalu has got a sister and brother at Bethany. Please read this history so you can find out how she came to Bethany:
Their mother died in 2003. After her mother’s death, her grandmother moved from a village called Ndagalu to Mwanza to stay with them. When her sister Sumai finished primary education, she passed to go to secondary school but her grandmother did not manage to take her to secondary school. Therefore, she was told to go to relative to ask some money for school fees, school uniforms etc but she could not get anybody interested in helping her. Later one lady told Sumai about how wonderful Bethany was and that if she came to Bethany her education would be funded. In few days later, Sumai came to Bethany with a letter of introduction from a village leader as to confirm he being an orphan who really has been going around to find people who can help with her education and even so, with life in general.
Bethany tried to contact another children home which looks after girls but they did not have room for any more girls so she went back to her grandmother with no hope. After few months, she came back to Bethany in tears that she can not afford to stay at home while others are going to school so she pleaded with the Bethany and promised to be an outstanding girl once given an opportunity. From May 2008, Sumai was accepted at Bethany and since that time, she has always been a good girl and she works so hard both at home and at school. But she has been sad most of the time and when asked she said, she felt pit on her sister and brother whom she left back in Mwanza, so after three months she asked Bethany if they could consider taking her siblings as well so that they can also have the same opportunity as she had in mind that her grandmother is getting older and older so no great hope and bright future for them. and also she had a very bad experience going around homes to find people who could feed and educate them. In October 2008, her brother and sister (Mohamed and Mwalu) joined the Bethany family. It is only three weeks since they joined Bethany but Sumai looks happier than she was before as she is having all her family here. Mwalu is a great girl and she gets along well with the rest of the Bethany children. Mwalu said, “ I feel so happy to be at Bethany, I enjoy a company of children and I like going to school together with my fellow children”.

Report By Eliada Bujiku ( Tanzanian team member)