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Oct 2008



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Rice and beans

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Maths & Social Studies

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Family History:  See below

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Picture taken - November 2008
Height: 155cm  Weight: 37kg

Family History:
Musa has no clue when his parents died because as he grew up he found himself living with some people whom he did not know about. He does not even know his parent’s names as no body has ever told him exactly what they were called. That Sylvester is the grandfather he was living with at first.  Later in 2002 his grandmother who lives in Mwanza Igombe came to take him and took him to school when he was seven. Life was not that easy at his grandmother because the so called grandfather did not like staying with Mussa so he made life so difficult for Mussa. He stopped Mussa from going to school many times and sends him to work in the farm- digging even in school days. Some times Mussa would go to school and when he came back there was no food left for him and still he had to go work while the rest of the family have eaten. He survived with that situation until his grandmother also told him to leave and go to find for other relatives claiming that she is not related to Mussa and that she was just helping him. She instructed Mussa where he could find her real grandmother so Mussa went to a place called Bugarika in Mwanza where he found this new grandmother that was in May 2008.

His grand mother is a widow and was left with six children to look after so she struggles and have asked several people to even help look after her own children. Therefore, this means it was not the right place for Mussa since even the family children had to be split into other relatives of life was so hard.

It was Sumai Makoye one of our older girl at Bethany who felt pit on Mussa after she had been at Bethany so she spoke to Mr. Bujiku about the difficulties Mussa was going through and asked if possible that Mussa could be accepted at Bethany so that he can live happily and share the opportunities that some of our children have got. Sumai and Mussa  -their mothers were sister but are all dead!

Mr. Bujiku visited the place and met the street leader who recommended that Mussa had no bright future and it would be helpful to have somewhere like Bethany so he can continue with his education and be well looked after otherwise he may end up living in the streets of Mwanza. That is how Mussa joined the Bethany family

He is great boy. He has only been here since three weeks and seems ok and hard working.

Report By Eliada Bujiku ( Tanzanian team member)