Minza Makoye04

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Picture taken - January 2007
Height: 150cm  Weight: 36kg

Bethany Children

First name


Family name


Date of birth


Joined Bethany

March 1999



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Chips and Chicken

Favourite Drink

Fanta - passion

Favourite Subject


Best Friends

Emmakulatha, Angelina

Favourite pastime




Minza was abandoned by her parents when they fled their village (Shigala)  after being suspects in a murder case. She was taken crying into the care of the police who in turn took her to Magu District Council Office.  Accompanied by a letter from the District Executive Director-Magu, Minza was brought to the Bethany Family.
It was thought that the Bethany Family was the correct home to accommodate Minza by the police and the District Council.
Minza was in a state of much distress on arrival at Bethany accompanied by a policewoman. However, the other children in the Bethany Family consoled her and soon made her feel very welcome.
Copy of letter written at time of Minza’s admission:
“Admission of Minza into the Bethany Family/Orphanage – 04/03/1999
The above topic refers.
May I take this opportunity, on behalf of the Magu District Council, to thank you the Administration and staff of the Bethany Project for admitting Minza., the abandoned child, into your orphanage. We are glad that you sympathised with us and accepted our request.
Just as you made it clear to us during the handing over process, she will be temporarily accommodated at your home. Once her parents are found she would be handed back to them.
Our advice is, however, that the handing over of the child back to her parents be done in collaboration with the District Council Authorities and the OCD’s office where the child was kept for a while after her parents had disappeared. Both of her parents were suspects in a murder case at Shigala Village. They escaped police apprehension.
We thank you again for your cooperation and wish you the best in your endeavour to serve children in difficult conditions.
Yours faithfully
Signed – Joseph K. Makinda
For: District Executive Director – Magu
To date Minza is very well adjusted to life in the Bethany Family. She enjoys singing and doing her school work and gets on well with the other family members.
No body knows where her parents are.

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