Maria Boniphace -500

Picture taken - July 2007
Height:  120cm Weight: 21kg

Bethany Children

First name


Family name


Date of birth


Joined Bethany




Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Ugali and dagaa

Favourite Drink


Favourite Subject


Best Friends

Nkamba Josephina

Favourite pastime




Family History:
. Maria’s father died in 2003 of HIV AIDS. She has got a sister called Naomi. After their father’s death they stayed with their mother until one morning in 2005 Maria and Naomi found themselves in the house and they did not know where their mother went. They stayed all day without seeing their mother so they slept on their own. The following day they walk about 30 minutes to go to their grandmother in the next village. Their grandmother had no clue what so ever where her daughter might have gone. But again their grandmother was very drunkard so she waked up very early in the morning and went into a local bar to drink alcohol. Some men used to buy her some alcohol. Therefore, for Maria and Naomi it was even harder and they struggled a lot because they could stay hungry for some days and also the grandmother may decided not to come back home and she was not aware of what these girls were eating. Their grandfather, who visited them at their grandmothers and had no idea whether the girls were there was shocked to see them. They explained what has happened with their mother and how life was difficult as well at their grandmother. The grandmother was not there even when her brother visited so it gave him a picture of what is going on because Naomi had spotted from going to school and Maria was just hanging around without knowing what to do so this grandfather who knew about Bethany, came to Bethany to explain about the situation of the two girls because he could not afford to look after them due to his old age. Bethany asked him to bring Maria because she was younger and leave Naomi for him to sort out – she was 15yrs too big for Bethany. That is how Maria came to Bethany. No further information on whether her mother is still alive or dead! Maria is a good girl, smiles quite a lot and she struggles with academic stuffs but still she tries so hard.

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