Mabula Makanda -500

Picture taken - July 2007
Height: 130 cm Weight:31 kg

Bethany Children

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Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Ugali and Dagaa

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Best Friends

Doi Joseph

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Family History:
Mabulaís father died when he was about three years of age. His mother also died in 2004 (Mabula believes that his mother was bewitched!). He has got a brother whose name is Masalu and he may be 18 years old and his job is fishing. When Mabulaís mother died, his uncle (his fatherís brother) who lives in Magu town took him. His uncle promised to take him to school and look after him very well but it never happened for all three years when Mabula stayed there. He is married to one wife and has two children. His job is to load sucks of maize or rice onto the trucks which does not pay him much. Mabula was treated as a house boy and was allowed to attend school sometimes and not every school day depending on what the rest of the family was doing on that particular day. He would have reached into STD six but because he missed school most of the time thatís where he managed to be (std 3).
Mabula had seen the Bethany vehicles several times in Magu and was curious to know what Bethany is all about. His friends told him that it was a place to look after orphaned children. Because he had no parents, and life at his uncle was not so good, he decided to walk from Magu to Bethany (20km) on 12th June 2007.
After he was interviewed, Bethany admitted him whilst waiting to follow up from his uncle and give reports to social office in Magu.

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