Kwekwe Shibandiko - 500

Picture taken - January 2007
Height: 162cm  Weight: 45kg

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Bethany Children

First name

Moses (Kwekwe)

Family name

John (Shibandiko)

Date of birth


Joined Bethany

August 1997



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Ugali & Eggs

Favourite Drink


Favourite Subject

Maths & English

Best Friends

Laban, Lubazu & Eva

Favourite pastime




Kwekwe‘s (Moses) parents were living at Misungwi district in Mwanza. They used to drink a lot of alcohol. One day they went to drink and on their way back they had an argument which led them into fighting. As they fought, Kwekwe’s father used his stick to beat his wife to death. Kwekwe’s father was imprisoned and later was released because he is a leper; he lives by begging in Mwanza.  Kwekwe was taken by his grandmother who later took him to his aunt because Kwekwe was troublesome and caused her a lot of problems that she could not handle him at all. In 1994, his aunt took him to Kuleana because she had a big family to look after. In 1996, Kwekwe along with eleven children were brought to Bethany for a test if they would behave well and work hard to be accepted by the Bethany family. In 1997, Kwekwe was one of the children who were accepted to live at Bethany.To date Moses is a confident happy boy who gets on well with the other children. He has settled well into the family life at Bethany.

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