Bethany Children

First name


Family name


Father’s name

Bwire Mohotora

Mother’s name

Fatuma Masalu



Date of birth


Joined Bethany




Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Rice and Beans

Favourite Drink


Favourite Subject


Best Friends

Wambura Jimmy and Richard Daudi

Favourite pastime




Family History:  See below

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Picture taken - Jan 2014
Height:145cm   Weight: 37kg

Family History:

Joseph’s parents died in 2012 of HIV AIDS related illness. Because of the death of his parents, none of his extended family members were interested in looking after him. He managed to stay with his grandmother who is in her 80’s also abandoned by her husband and looking forward for when she will die.  Before his parents died he was able to attend school and got up STD five in June 2012 and did not go back again since then as there was nobody to provide for his school needs.  As he kept struggling going home to home to his relatives and being sent away everywhere he went, he finally met somebody he did not know before and explained his situation. It happened that, that person has heard of Bethany so he gave him some bus fares to come to Bethany.  The next morning, Domitila, one of the staff at Bethany took the boy back to his village and got to speak with the village leader and some of his relatives. They did not want him at all. Even when the village leader advised the relatives but they did not show any interest.  The village leader asked Domitila to leave the boy with the relatives and that they will talk later and see how best they can help.  Suddenly, four days later after Domitila was back, Joseph came back to Bethany again saying, the day Domitila left, he was chased away so he had to find some sort of work to do and was paid 4,000/= and managed to pay bus fare back to Bethany.  He is too old for us but we have decided to accept him temporarily while we sort him out properly with the social welfare offices.


Report updated on 21st January 2013

Report by Eliada Bujiku