Hapiness Baltazary

Picture taken - January 2007
Height: 135cm  Weight: 26kg

Bethany Children

First name


Family name


Date of birth


Joined Bethany

November 2006



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Ugali and beans

Favourite Drink


Favourite Subject


Best Friends

Paulina and Mariam

Favourite pastime




Family History:
Happiness has got three brothers. Her father died of HIV AIDS in 1999. Her mother is very ill at the moment and cannot look after her children well. She was examined in February 2006 and was found to be HIV POSITIVE as well. Her life style is very poor because she relies on begging for food and money from different people and whatever she gets that is what they eat. Two of Hapinessís brothers live with their uncle on their fatherís side.
Under these difficult circumstances, Bethany got a letter from the social Officer in Magu granting permission for Yusuph (her brother) and Hapiness to be admitted at Bethany if appropriate. Also her mother came to Bethany on the 8th November for follow up. Because of the limited accommodation Bethany has with the boys and since they are some other brothers somewhere, we could not take the boy.

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