Grace Wambura 3

Bethany Children

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Date of birth


Joined Bethany

April 2010



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Rice and meat

Favourite Drink


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Best Friends

Biku M & Balole S

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Family History:  See below


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Picture taken - April 2010
Height: 141cm  Weight: 34kg: 

Family History: Grace has got a sister called Sarah and a brother called Lameck (Lameck lives at Bethany). Her Father died in 2004 and her mother in 2009 of HIV AIDS. When both parents died, the three children were taken to their grandmother in Bunda. After Grace was 10yrs, her grandmother sent her to work in a certain family ( in Yitwimila where Bethany is) as a house girl. She looked after a baby and did house works as instructed by the woman she was living with. In April 2010 her grandmother died and so she went to attend the funeral service. When she went for the funeral, she was able to meet her brother and sister again. After the funeral all the relatives left and they told them (the three children) to stay at their grandmothers and look after themselves. Three days later, her sister (13 yrs) disappeared from home, neither Grace nor Lameck knew where she went but some people told them that they had seen her talking to some men who were digging out the trench at the cross roads. So they assumed that she had eloped with one of those men. Before her grand mother died she had grown some maize so Grace and her brother Lameck harvested some maize and ate for three days. The life was really tough as these children did not know what tomorrow would bring and did not have any hope for going to school. Grace having been working as house girl, she knew Bethany and she had been to Bethany when the UHURU Torch visited Bethany because even the villagers came to Bethany. Therefore, she told her brother that they needed to come to Bethany and explain what has happened to them and see whether Bethany will have mercy on them. They both agreed to sell all the maize that was in the farm so that they can earn some money for bus fare to come to Bethany. They sold the maize for 4000/= Tsh (2) and used that money to travel to Bethany. She is a hard working girl, smiles and very happy to join in the Bethany family.
Report by Eliada Bujiku