Fatuma Abeid - 500

Picture taken - March 2007
Height: 150 cm Weight: 43 kg

Bethany Children

First name

Fatuma Abeid

Family name


Date of birth

26th August 1993

Joined Bethany

March 2007



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Rice and Beans

Favourite Drink

Coca cola

Favourite Subject


Best Friends

Ghati Wambura

Favourite pastime




Family History:
Fatuma comes from a family of six children. Both of her parents died of HIV in 2001 leaving Fatuma and her siblings under the care of their fatherís relatives. In August 2006 these relatives sold everything these orphans had been left with ( i.e. a house, furniture, TV, a car and everything in the house) and abandoned them due to the fact that their mother was a Christian and their father a Muslim so they were not supposed to inherit anything left by their father (they are illegitimate children). When their grandmother ( their motherís mother) called Rachel Kasheli found out  so she went to take them and began to find a possibility of where they could be looked after very well because she is unable to. Rachel took the other children into different schools and took Fatuma to her grandfather in Magu to be looked after.  The grandfather said he is not able to look after Fatuma because he also needs some body to look after him. It is where Rachel (Fatumaís grandmother) came to Bethany to find a possibility.

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