Eva Joseph

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Picture taken - January 2007
Height: 167cm  Weight: 55kg

Bethany Children

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Joined Bethany

July 2004



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Best Friends

Edina and Pendo

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Family History:
In her life Eva never saw her parents. The history was told by he grandmother that, Eva used to live with her parents in Sengerema – Mwanza. When she was two years old, her father died. Her mother took Eva with her three sisters to their aunt in Geita, on the other side of Mwanza. Later her mother died as well. Eve and her three sisters were left to her aunt. In 1995, one of their uncles went to Geita and there was an agreement that Eve and her sister Stella would come to Magu with their uncle and leave the other two girls in Geita.
When they came to Magu, they stayed for some time then his uncle abandoned his family and married another wife in another village. Eva stayed with the uncle’s wife until her grandmother asked for her. Later she moved to her grandmother who lives in Magu as well. In 2004 her grandmother became ill and very old so she told Eva to go the AICT church in Magu where he met the evangelist who knew about Bethany. One Sunday the Bethany children had gone to Magu for a service and that evangelist introduced Eva to Mr. Bujiku. After the service, Mr. Bujiku visited where Eva was living and had some conversation with Eva’s grandmother. The next day, Eva was picked up from Magu to join the Bethany family.

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