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Elizabeth Mwaka

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Picture taken -03/05/2008
Height: 98 cm  Weight: 16 kg

Family History:
Dorca’s mother died when she was two months old. She was looked after by her grandmother who is almost 85 yrs old now. Life has not been so easy for Dorca’s grandmother who has no other children because she only had one daughter (Dorca’s mother) who then died in January 2004. When the grandmother heard about Victoria Nursery School in Shirati, she was very much enthusiastic to take Dorca to school. As she was preparing to take her, she then became very ill. Pastor Abednego Alal, who is the chairman of that school visited Dorca’s grandmother for the spiritual service. It was where he discovered that Dorca had no body to look after her since no one knows where her father is. Pastor Alal, spoke to Dorca’s grandmother if she would release Dorca to be helped somewhere else because the grandmother was dying and would leave Dorca with no one. The grandmother agreed so Pastor Alal, who had known Bethany for sometime, contacted the village and social officers in Shirati who then confirmed that Dorca was really in great need.
Pastor Alal, had visited Bethany in January 2008, and was given a chance for three girls, because he looks after 31 orphaned children with no support from anybody apart from a few local people who would just manage to share their little food with these orphans at pastor Allal’s family but can not afford to pay for their school needs, medical expenses, etc. 
Therefore, on the 3rd of April 2008, Dorca was officially admitted at Bethany. At the moment, she speaks very little Swahili because  she can only speak Luo which is a bit harder for anybody here at Bethany to understand. We hope, she will be able to settle into this welcoming family.

Report By Eliada Bujiku ( Tanzanian team member)