Denis Manuari - 500

Picture taken - July 2007
Height: 90 cm  Weight: 18 kg

Bethany Children

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Joined Bethany




Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Rice and fish

Favourite Drink


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Family History:
Both of Denis’ parents are dead. His mother died in 2006 when she was attempting an abortion and the following year (January 2007) his father died of Cancer. His Grandmother called Thereza Mwita aged 59years old took Denis with his fellow three brothers. They lived in Tarime - Mara region with their grandmother. His grandmother had 10 cows but she sold them all when Denis’ father was ill for almost five years. When he died, she was left with nothing so she struggled a lot to look after these four grandchildren. She has a daughter in Yitwimila village, married with nine children so she was not able to add four more in her family. It is where she introduced Bethany to her mother in the sense that if could come to Bethany; there might be a possibility of helping this old lady.  With a letter from the village leader confirming these orphaned children, this grandmother came to Bethany to ask for any assistance with the two young boys. At the moment Denis has got a brother at Bethany called Beckam. They are both copping very well. He has got two brothers at his grandmother and one of them is deaf and dum.

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