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Bethany Children

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Joined Bethany

August 2008



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Rice and meat

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Family History:  See below

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Picture taken - November 2008
Height: 92cm Weight:  11kg

Family History:
Consolata has got two sisters and two brothers at Bethany called Paulina, Ghati, Daudi, and Ramadhani. She shares the same mother but different fathers.  Things did not work out well at Jipe moyo children’s rescue centre where his brothers were being looked after so a padre called Pendo met these two boys sat down, hungry and with no hope and future! This padre is running an Organisation called “Mji wa Huruma” – A city of mercy which really cares about very old people. The padre spoke to the two boys whether they had any family or relatives so they explained to him about their mother, and sisters and it is where they mentioned to him about Bethany. Fortunately enough they had Daniel Bujiku’s phone number which had been given to them by their sister Pendo (Ghati already at Bethany)  so they gave it to the padre who rang Daniel to ask if he can consider taking the boys as well because from what he saw it was really very sad for the boys. Daniel sent a member of staff Mr. Yona Jackson who went to meet the boys and investigated where the mother was. Terribly enough, Mr. Yona was able to meet these children’s mother who was really dying and she had other two children (Consolanta was one of them) with her who also were dying in the house: no food, no medicine, nothing really just waiting to die. Mr. Yona contacted the village officials to find out more about the situation and he was pleaded by the village leaders if he knew anywhere these children could be rescued otherwise they would die of hunger, etc. Mr. Yona rang Mr. Bujiku to check if he can bring to Bethany Daudi and the two little children (Consolata and Ramadhani) leaving Joseph (their older brother) to look after his mother because he seemed mature and sensible. Mr. Bujiku approved it and so Mr. Yona asked the village leader to write a letter to Bethany about the three children: Daudi, Consolanta and Ramadhani and with the mother’s approval, that how Consolata came to Bethany. When she came to Bethany she was suffering from malnutrition and all sorts of problem which really Bethany did great job to make her look the way she appears. She had swellings all over the body and was very uncomfortable. But since she is in the loving and caring home, she has been taken to hospital more than three times for several checkups and has been given a balanced diet so she is recovering ok though slowly. She is very quite most of the time but generally she is fine and smiles.


Report By Eliada Bujiku ( Tanzanian team member)