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Joined Bethany

13th January 2009



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Rice and meat

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Ruth G and Kundi

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Family History:  See below

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Picture taken - March 2009
Height: 100cm  Weight:  15kg

Family History:
Anna’s father died in October 2008 leaving Anna and her mentally ill and six months pregnant mother. On the occasion of her father’s death his relatives chased the mother and Anna from the house claiming that Anna’s mother had killed her husband so she did not deserve to stay in the house and even so the house belonged to her husband’s uncle.
This woman wondered around the village into people’s homes and Bethany being the first place every afternoon for meals with her daughter Anna. She even tried to work at people’s homes to get some money but some people were not fair, they would give her a big job to do and pay her nothing.
One day, Anna’s mother took her daughter to the village officer and explained the situation. The village officer and other village leaders discussed the matter in depth and they found that the Anna’s mother was in a very difficult situation. She was at that time eight months pregnant and life was so difficult, she kept coming to Bethany because she was welcomed and her daughter was provided with clothes, food. 
One of the ladies in the village volunteered to look after Anna’s mother until she has delivered the baby (that included food, treatment, etc). for the best interest and good future of Anna, the leaders thought Bethany was the only option to consult. They contacted Bethany and the management team agreed that they would accept Anna
Anna’s mother has had a new baby girl and she is really surviving depending on people’s support. She is very poor, struggles a lot with life especially now with this new baby. Anna is coping ok into the Bethany family and she seems a great girl.

Report By Eliada Bujiku ( Tanzanian team member)