Alex Mathias - 500

Picture taken - March 2007
Height: 80 cm  Weight: 10 kg

Bethany Children

First name

Alex Mathias

Family name


Date of birth

12th May 2005

Joined Bethany

February 2007



Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Rice and beans

Favourite Drink


Favourite Subject


Best Friends


Favourite pastime




Family History:
Alex has a sister called Susana and they both live at Bethany. Their parents died at the end of 2005 when Alex was seven months old. He was being looked after by a 25yrs old aunt called Annette Maube after she was stopped room her studies when her sister died so that she take care of these two children. Annette used to stay in the house where her sister was living but her brother in law (Alex’s uncle) who is alcoholic forced them to move out. They had nowhere to go! The village leader took them at his home until February 2007 when Bethany admitted Alex and his sister. Annette has been struggling since 2005 until she was advised by a village leader to come to Bethany to ask if there was any possibility of helping her.

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