Visitors to Bethany from April 2003 onwards
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Year 2003

Visitors Name


April for 3 weeks

Graham Pountain and Sheila Pountain

Arranging Daniel Bujiku’s visit to England etc.

April for 2 days

Caroline Andersson and Ida

From the Fonelisco organisation

May - June for 2 weeks

Brian Bancroft

Helping prepare for the new kitchen and dining room & making new bunk beds

June for 2 weeks

Graham, Sheila and Paul Pountain

Helping with various aspects of the work

July-August 2 weeks

Graham Pountain,
Graham, Elaine and Anya Earnshaw

Elaine and Anya involved in teaching English, singing and preparing for the EMUAS students group. Graham Earnshaw Involved with painting and repairs.

August for 3 weeks

EMUAS group consisting of; Amy Glover, Ben Hopkinson, Dan Cook, Emma Wilson, Hannah Gray, Hayley Griffiths, Helen Jacomb, James Dale, Lee Mahoney, Lisa Gooch-Butler, Lucy Williams, Nick Butcher, Sasha Sheard, Tom Mountney, Caroline Day, Ryan McNaught, Keith Pittson, Barbarann Pittson, Pauline Rees, Lee Cleaton

Building of new kitchen, dining room etc.

Sept/October for 3 weeks

Mr Brian Bancroft 

Fitting out new building and converting old dining room and kitchen to living accommodation

November for 2 weeks+

Graham Pountain, Dave Shore, Shelley Shore, John Wilson, Erin Candler, Emma Hannigan, Pete Gardner, Rich Martin and Anne McFadyen

Interacting with the children (teaching English, playing games, teaching news songs etc. etc.) Finishing touches to the new building etc. etc.

Year 2004

Visitors Name


January for 3 weeks

Brian Bancroft and John Fisher

Finishing off conversion of old dining room and kitchen to living accommodation for use by girls as a temporary dormitory. Also helping the Tanzanian team obtaining passports etc

February for 2 weeks

Graham and Sheila Pountain

Help in obtaining UK Visas for the proposed trip: March to May 2004

March for 1 week

Graham Pountain

To accompany the 31 children who visited England from the 30th March
to the 14th May

March for 8 weeks

Eddie Marshall

To help run Bethany whilst 31 children and three managers were visiting the UK

May for 1 week

Graham Pountain

Returned with the children

June for 3 weeks

Brian Bancroft, Naomi Bancroft,
Jemma Turner, Rachel Johnson

Brain to help with up-rating accommodation for new children.
Girls to help with teaching etc.

June-July 3 weeks

Hilary Murphy and Dominic Murphy

Hilary to help with the Clinic and Dominic to help with the children

July - August 3 weeks

Graham and Elaine Earnshaw

Set up new Library and help with childcare

August - Sept. 3 weeks

Graham and Sheila Pountain

Help with various projects i.e. new dormitory

October for 2 weeks

Graham Pountain, Matthew and Rachel Schofield

Matthew and Rachel Schofield, both Geography teachers go to test their calling for longer term work with Bethany

November for 2 weeks

Graham Pountain and group from Oswaldtwistle Community Church:
Nicola Lord, Chris Allen, Stevie McLean, Sushila Lawrence, Anya Earnshaw, Kimberley Clark, Vicky Howarth and Catherine Howarth

To help with the education etc.

Year 2005

Visitors Name


January - 2 weeks

Graham Pountain and group from Oswaldtwistle Community Church: Bill Rawstron, Mark McVey, Sam McLean, Dave Duxbury and Gary Fielding

To build the new 60 bed dormitory from floor level to roof level

March - 2 weeks

Graham, Sheila and Paul Pountain

For Daniel’s and Eliada’s wedding

March-April 2week

Graham and Elaine Earnshaw and Cathy Riley

Help with Education

May - 2 weeks

Graham Pountain, Dave Buxbury, Bob Simpson, Christopher Gaster and Paul Smith

To help with the plumbing work for the new 60 bed dormitory for girls. Christopher Gaster made new tables and benches for the Dining room.

July-August - 2 weeks

David Borland, Ian Kelly, Gary Nolan,
Robert Skarratt and Graham Pountain

To finish the plumbing work, electrical work and partitions, doors etc. David Borland also helped with advise on financial controls etc.

August - 2 weeks

Graham and Elaine Earnshaw

To help and encourage the Tanz team with a special emphasis on Education

August for 4 days

Group from Brathay: Ems Scot-langley, Sarah Maidment, Ahmir Ahmad, Alex Zdravkovic, Alison Ruth, Amy Seymour, Antonia Timmins, Brian Pascoe, Caroline Christie, Emma Metcalfe, Fiona Saunders, Hamish Henson, Heather Bowey, Helen Newsome, Julie Addison, Mark Jackson, Nick Marriage, Ruth Dodwell

Helping the children: organising games, etc etc

July - August for 10 days

Ruth Kingsnorth

Helping with the teaching of English

September for two weeks

Graham and Paul Pountain,  David Hitch, Timothy Coles and Rebecca Bell

Helping with sports, practical jobs, drama , teaching etc. etc.

Sept./Oct for 4 weeks

Stanley and Rhona Burns

Stanley made furniture for the dorms from MDF with Rhona’s help and Rhona also taught the children English

November for two weeks

David Borland, Rebecca Smith, Alison Davies,
Jemma Turner, Jennifer, Ryan and Graham Pountain.

Rebecca, Alison, Jemma and Jenny helped with the education and also Jemma helped in the Clinic etc. David helped with the budget and drew up plans for the refurbishment. Graham helped with rewiring. etc

Year 2006

Visitors Name


January 17th for two weeks

Dave Duxbury, Joanna Pellet, Daniel Hughes,
Simon Earnshaw and Graham Pountain

Dave fixed the plumbing!,
Joanna and Daniel worked with the children,
Simon (dentist) checked the children’s teeth and Graham helped the Tanza team organise the famine relief effort.

February 27th to March 14th

Graham Pountain

Budget and UK trip

March for 3 weeks

Melissa Perry

Helped the children with their English

8th to 21st April

Graham and Elaine Earnshaw, Gary Nolan,
Ian Kelly, John Brindle Dave Thomas,
Rebecca Smith, Naomi Bancroft, Sarah Duerden, Wendy Whittaker and Graham Pountain.

Ian, Gary and John made 6 bunk beds, 6 tables and 12 benches + seesaw. Dave Thomas plumbed in the showers, washbasins and toilets, The others helped with the English teaching etc.

May through to June

Stanley and Rhona Burns

Stanley helped finish the new classroom block and Rhona helped teach English

June 19th to July 5th

Dave Duxbury and Graham Pountain

Dave Duxbury finished the plumbing and helped Graham organise a trip to the British High Commission in Dar for visas

June for one week

Amy Tew

Helped with various aspects of the work as well as filling in 30, 10 page Visa application forms

July 2nd to 19th

 Eddie Jeffery (UK team leader) is leading this trip with Rachel Louise Bacon and Abigail Barnsley

Maintenance work for Eddie and teaching for Rachel and Abigail

July 24th to August 8th


Graham and Sheila Pountain, Joan Kearsley, Cathy Riley, Sharon Gerrard, plus the group from St. James Clitheroe: Joanna Pelllet, Daniel Hughes, Luke Dyer, Rebecca Dyer, Bethany Pickett, James Murdoch, Daniel Porter plus the group from Christ Church Accrington, Kevin and Ann Logan, Tia Danning, Nicholas Hopkinson, Karen Ross, Daisy Nasimiyu and Edward Briggs. Total of 19 visitors.

Mainly helped with the teaching of English and preparation work for the 30 children who were to visit England.

13th to 21st September

Jemma Turner and Graham Pountain

Main purpose to prepare the children and accompany them on their trip to England

6th - 16th November

Jemma Turner and Graham Pountain

Main purpose to prepare the children and accompany them on their return trip to Bethany Tanzania

Year 2007

Visitors name


11th - 27th January

David Borland and Graham Pountain

Discussion on needs for new multi-purpose block. Follow up on budget

12th - 27th March

Roy Sagar, Jemma Turner and Graham Pountain

Jemma and Roy - teaching of English,
Graham - building work etc

1st - 14th April

Eddie and Heather Jeffery together with their two children Alex and Rebekah, Ian and Samatha Kelly, Tim Green, Kieran and Annmarie McManus.

Heather, Annemarie and Samantha to help with the teaching of English. Eddie, Ian, Kieran and Tim to help with the building work

30 April - 14th May

Graham Pountain, David Borland, John Brindle, Pat Bridge, Rebecca McCavana, Zoe Richardson, Christina Langan, Victoria Delaney, Sean Martin, Martin Palmer, Anthony Spurrell

Pat Bridge and John Brindle to assess students who are to attend Accrington and Rossendale College. Building work and teaching of Engklish

July - August

Sheila and Graham Pountain, Kate Martland, Annemarie Morgan and Lisa Barnes.
Group 2 from Chesterfield: Graham and Gemma Nightingale, Michael, Diane and Luke Dalby, Mark Harrison, Aimee Hardwick, Laura Marsh and Gemma Lowe,
Group 3: Paul and Rebecca Pountain, Stewart, Susan and Nickolas Hopkinson, David and Victoria Shaw, Karen Ross and Steven McLean.

All groups helped with the teaching of English

8th September

Ian Redfearn (Dentist)

To carry out a dental check

October (2 weeks)

Graham Pountain and David Borland (Treasurer)

To check accounts and to encourage

Year 2008

Visitors name


January (2 weeks)

Rebecca Smith, Wendy Whitaker,
David Borland and Graham Pountain

Rebecca Smith (Uk team member) who looks after our sponsorship programme, Wendy Whitaker who helped with the education especially English, David Borland our Treasurer and Graham Pountain

25th April - 10th May
(2 weeks)

From Accrington and Rossendale College: John Brindle, Rebecca McCavana, Christina Langan, Andrew Robinson, Sean Martin, Michael Lambert, Martin Palmer, James Critchley.

Others: Graham Pountain, Carmen Blamey, Ho Ying (Lee)

John Brindle together with Sean, Martin, Michael and James made 29 beds, 10 cabinets and 10 bedding boxes.

Rebecca, Christina, Andrew, Carmen and Lee helped with education (English and Computers)