Bethany Photo Album - July 2005


We thought some of our supporters may like to produce an Bethany photo album full of A4 size photos.

What you will need:

1) A colour printer: You probably already have one, if not you don’t need an expensive one. I personally like Epson and have found that the cheapest newest models produce excellent results I have recently bought the Epson C46 from scan computers for £30.67p + carriage (click here).
2) Paper: You will need A4 paper and you can now buy good quality glossy paper from most £1 shops (10 sheets). You can also buy some matt finished photo paper from Choice at  £5.49 for ‘Coated Matt 100gsm (100 Sheets)’ (click here).
 3) Ink cartridges, and for the Epson C46 they cost £6.99p for one of each (two cartridges) from Choice Stationary (click here).

Although you don’t need anything more a useful program downloadable and provided by google is Picasa which will sort out you pics for you and allow you to print them easily (click here).


How to download the pictures.

There are 3 A4 Posters,  10 A4 portrait photographs with captions and 10 landscape photographs with captions.

I have produced 3 web style photo galleries for you to quickly look at to help you decide which to download. They are in the boxes below (just click on any title)

Photo gallery of 3 posters

Photo gallery of 10 A4 portrait photos

Photo gallery of 10 A4 Landscape photos

Once you have decided which photos you want to download and save click on the title below and the photo will download. Once downloaded you will need to right click on the photo with your mouse and ‘save as’ to your desktop or other suitable location/folder.
N.B. These photos are approx A4 in size and are high definition and their size is between 250-300K, so if you are on a modem as against Broadband they will take some time to download.

Why this album
Album cover
Go I wish you well

Biku and Elizabeth
Biku at Play
Elizabeth and Bread
Elizabeth Robert
Kids in wigs
Kundi - homework
Marco & Masaga
Water Carrying

Younger children
75 Kids Jan 05
Baboon - Serengeti
Breakfast Lake Flies
Cheeky Faces
Nyangeta Story
Road Repairs
Toyota + Kids
Toyota inside
Terrible Trio