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News from Bethany Tanzania Saturday 23rd August
Reports from both Keith Pittson and Tanz team member Daniel Bujiku

Keith has emailed on the 21st August and says: With the extra manpower we have employed we have almost, but not quite, caught up.  The roof trusses go on today with the roof tomorrow.  Hopefully, all the lighting and plumbing will be in place and only need connecting up.’
We are eagerly waiting to see the photos of the new buildings Keith with the EMUAS team have been erecting for Bethany. Keith hopes to attend our next information day on Saturday September the 6th (
click here for more details).

Daniel Bujiku reports on the 23rd August:
Children: All the children are fine at the moment, and even those who were suffering from chickenpox, have now completely recovered from and started going to school as normal again
Water system: Since you got my last email, the water continued to have problem again and again. We have been trying hard all of us to solve the problem and it was just on 20th of August when we managed to get it working once again.
The new Building progress: As I report to you now, the whole building is almost complete! They have finished to build the walls from the chimney along the dining hall, the roof trusses together with batons fixed on top of the building now! They have finished building the pillars around the resting room and what they are doing now is building the ventilation blocks between the pillars. The building is absolutely looking so great!
Comments on our visitors:
The visitors have impressed everyone at Bethany and people outside! I personally have been very impressed the way women and men work together very hard early in the morning to late in the evening! I have been challenging my
fiancé by using them as an example especially the girls the way they work hard, and she really appreciates it! But I do not know whether we have impressed them in one way or another, but I believe is that every one of us will have been challenged enough to work hard as they do after they have gone.

Supporters of Bethany: Over the summer months NET supported by OCC (click here for their website) have been raising awareness and holding auctions at their summer camps held at Holly Bush, Yorks. They have raised over £1,200 pounds and many ‘campers’ are interested in visiting Bethany to help with future projects (new dorm for the girls - new school! etc.etc.)
Also, a long time supporter of Bethany - Catherine Duckworth (Whalley Parish Church) celebrated her half century with a Ceilidh and asked for support for Bethany and Breakthorugh cancer research in preference to personal gifts. Catherine has been given over £1,300 pounds to share between them (
click here for pictures of Catherine’s Ceilidh).
Also, a big thank you to all those who remember Bethany in their prayers and those who support us financially enabling the work to progress. A special thanks to those who support us with regular monthly giving as this allows us to budget for extra children. If you would like to support us in this way please
click here

Future Trips: Brian Bancroft will be visiting in September and hopefully a group led by Dave Shore (founding member) from Gateway Church (click here for their website), Acomb, York in November. There is the possibility that another group will visit over the Christmas holiday period. If you are interested in joining a group please email.

News from Bethany Tanzania Saturday 16th August
(as told by Daniel Bujiku)

Quotes from Daniel’s two emails sent together dated the 13th and 16th August
Children: All the children are generally fine , but few are having a problem of chickenpox! The following children are suffering from this disease;  Chaina, Happiness, Abel, Minza, and Jesca. We believe that Ngeme who got it originally has transmitted this disease through them. In fact, their conditions are encouraging so much as they are getting much better time to time though they are not going to the school as they have been told by their teachers to stay at home till they completely recover in order to avoid transmitting it over other children at the school.
The new building: (13/08)It is going on fantastically. They are now finishing to level the empty space inside around the foundation promptly to start building the wall hopefully in two days to come. (16/08)The building is now progressing very well, they have started building the walls having finished the foundation and every thing at Bethany is cool.
Water system: We just got water problem since yesterday in the afternoon. The water is not coming up from the lake and as we checked yesterday from the tank down the lake, there was very little water below level which directly indicated that the water has not been coming through from the lake undoubtfully some air has stuck in the pipe. It is our plan to solve this problem this morning so that it does not destruct or stop any activities going on site and we hope to manage it soon
Electricity system: We got a problem of power running off suddenly yesterday night( around 8:15pm) which took us almost 20 minutes trying to solve it and we managed to have the power back again till this morning there is no a  problem of power any more. Feleshi told me that it was just yesterday when the battery reading meter indicated on equalization while it has been stuck on boost for all these days and the reason has been loading the power especially our visitors who have been using the refrigerator, but they are no longer using it now.

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News from Bethany Sunday 10th August 2003

Good news, everyone is well at Bethany and everyone is very busy - firstly preparing for the EMUAS group to come and secondly helping once they arrived -

Graham, Elaine and Anya Earnshaw return from Bethany together with Graham Pountain on Friday the 8th August. This was the Earnshaws first visit and so a whole new experience. In between all their hard work they managed to attend a wedding and a baptism as well as take part in a Sunday morning service at Paul’s church. Graham spent much of his time painting, repairing bunk beds and making good a broken down portable blackboard. Elaine and Anya spent a great deal of their time teaching the children English, songs and sewing etc etc.
Click here for pictures of the Earnshaws

Wedding: On Saturday the 26th July one of our volunteers Feleshi Michael was married to Loyesa Click here to see pictures

New Children: We have visited 4 boys in a local village whose mother has recently died and whose father is very very ill and unable to look after them. Three of them are triplets (Michael, Raphael and Gabroe) aged 6years and Lomadi aged 9years.
Click here to see their photos

New Sign - New Beds - New Chairs: On this trip the team decided to purchase 8 new bunk beds made in the local market town (Magu) and costing about £38 each - this would give the visiting ‘EMUAS’ team somewhere to sleep and then could be used to accommodate more children when they leave. We also erected a new steel sign with the words ‘Bethany’ on and an arrow pointing the way. The old sign was destroyed by the road builders as it was too near the road.
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The EMUAS group made up of 16 students together with Keith and Barbarann Pittson, Pauline, Ryan and Lee are busy with the building of the new Kitchen and dining room. The project has taken two years of planning and it is so good to see the dream taking shape. The children and staff at Bethany are so excited to see their visitors that they can barely settle down to do anything else other than help them. After only two days the footings had several tons of concrete poured into them and this will without doubt be the strongest building at Bethany. The students have also been with the children in the evenings listening to them singing etc. and in the early evening just as the sun is setting they have been playing football and netball. The students are hoping to help with education over the next few weeks especially helping with the teaching of English.
Click here for pictures of the EMUAS group

Visit to Paulo’s church on the 1st August: Some of the children and our visitors the Earnshaw family enjoyed the service and ‘took communion’. After the service the choir and congregation allowed us to video a couple of their favourite songs and take some photos.
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