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August Trip Photos (108 assorted pics), Festival of Song (38pics)
Students in England (19pics), Bethany students visit Hollins School (7pics)

September - October Trip.

Dave, Vicky and Karen (32pics), Children (42pics), Bethany Leavers (6pics),
Growing things (25pics), Building work (27pics)


August trip more good news:

Our second group of volunteers arrived home safely . Elaine, Scott and Elanor Smith, Jonathon, Gillian and Jennifer Bates, Callum, Claire and Catriona Jones and Naomi Tyson.
Click here to see the pictures.

Arrival of Long term volunteers: Dave and Vicky Shaw arrived safely on September 5th and have been settling in to life at Bethany. They are prepared to help in all aspects of life and so far Dave has been helping Daniel with the building project and Vicky has been helping Eliada entering the accounts etc. As well as this they have started helping plan and take lessons and preparing the standard 7 leaver girls for a course in Child Care. The standard 7 leaver boys are all going to VETA for practical training. Please pray for them as they wrestle with the different culture. See the pictures

September - October visit: David Borland our treasurer accompanied by Karen Ross arrived on the 21st September. Karen is helping with the education and hopes to obtain a residents permit shortly to stay longer. David went out with a long list of things to do. This included checking the accounts, checking the various estimates for the building work and helping find the older boys work. His list seemed endless and he achieved most of what he set out to do. David hopes to go out again in January 2009 again with a view to checking accounts but hopes that now Dave, Vicky and Karen are there things will become much easier.

November proposed visit: Graham Pountain (the writer) accompanied by Jemma Turner are booked to arrive at Bethany on the 6th November. Again Jemma a long standing supporter and qualified nurse hopes to stay longer (resident permit allowing).

Students arrive in England: China, Emma and Jesca arrived in England on August the 26th. They have started their two year level 3 course studying Child Care at Accrington and Rossendale College. They have already been on two weeks placements at different schools and are also studying GCSE Maths and English, as well as IT. They have joined Girls Brigade and are having singing lessons every week. Jesca continues to have a driving lesson every week and was presented with a special award at the Child Care and Education awards evening at Accrington and Rossendale College. Click here to see pics of the girls. They have also taken part in ‘A festival of Song’ held at the College to raise money for Bethany and were presented with a cheque for £10,000 - money that had been raised by the College over the preceding 12 months. Our thanks to John Brindle for being instrumental in promoting the work of Bethany and raising awareness and finance. Click here to see the pictures of ‘A Festival of Song’. The girls also visited Hollins Technology College to thank the students there who had raised £500 for Bethany. Click here to see Pics

Inappropriate Behaviour: You may remember that in our last update we reported that Rwechnugura would not be allowed to come to study in the UK due to inappropriate behaviour.  However we believed that Moses (Kwekwe) Shibandiko (20yrs) would make a good student as his behaviour, temperament and character seemed excellent both observed by visitors and reported by Daniel, Eliada and other staff.  However on the night before the four students were to depart Moses was found in one of the bedrooms with one of the older girls (14yrs). This room was in one of the refurbished blocks which had 3 rooms in it looked after by two resident managers (Silas and Rebecca). They had one room and the other two rooms had younger children in and the older girl to help look after them. The unit was locked at night and Rebecca kept the key.  Moses had obtained a spare key to let himself in and admitted that this had happened before. It was felt that it would be inappropriate for him to come to study in England and that he also posed an ongoing threat to other girls. He has therefore been removed from site and is now staying at a house in Mwanza with Rwechungura. Neither will be allowed to return to Bethany due to them both being a threat to the younger girls. They are both doing 12 month training courses and when they are complete Bethany will no longer be in a position to support them.

We also feel we should tell you that one of our girls who was and still is in training at ‘Forever Angels’ baby home is 3 months pregnant.  On discovery that she was pregnant she made up two stories about the father before admitting the truth. Apparently the young man who fathered the child works as a gardener at a house Angelina works at for some days every week. Everyone is very disappointed with Immakulatha but determined that the father should support the child. Amy, the manager at Forever Angels is allowing Immakulatha to continue to work there for the present but we don’t know what the future holds for Imma, baby and father. Please pray for them and for wisdom in handling the situation.

Older Children in general: As many of our children are reaching adulthood we are now having to find them work whereby they can look after themselves into the foreseeable future.
Rehema and Eva now have jobs as teaching assistants at Isamilo School in Mwanza.
Mwanaidi and Neema have full time jobs at Forever Angels. Minza, Hollo, Angelina and Immakulatha are in training at Forever Angels.   Angelina is also doing part time work whilst in training. The boys are more difficult to find work. However we have good news that three of the boys who came to England (Mwita, Labani and Frank) to learn practical skills have now been employed by a building contractor in Mwanza. Unfortunately when interviewed Evarist did not impress the contractor so was not offered a job. Eventually we hope to find him work. Sadly Andrea (Lucas) Matki has also left Bethany. Andrea left a letter saying how disappointed he was with the treatment he received at Bethany. He felt we should have enrolled him on various computer courses and provide for him until he felt ready to leave.

No further developments

New Children: We have some new children but I don’t have details at the moment

Children: All doing well.

Choir: Still enjoying practicing hard and looking forward to visiting England again next year if funds permit.

Building work progress: Two major projects. To firstly double the size of the dining room and then to build a new boys dormitory.

New boys dormitory: No Progress. As you may already know we have the drawings for the new boys dorm. It will hold a maximum of 148 boys which  will double our accommodation capability from 130/140 to over double that number. The plans show two toilet blocks and one shower block, 7 dormitories and 2 smaller rooms for older boys/ storage. David our Treasurer has estimated the cost to be about £80,000 which we haven’t got so we will build as funds allow. Click here to see the plans  (Click here for pics of our present boys dorm).

Dining room and Kitchen: Demolition is now complete and the building work has now started. A temporary dining room has been constructed. Click here to see the pics

Children’s health:   Not known at the time of writing

Children’s behaviour: No problems at present now that some of the older boys have left.
Monthly Supporters / Enquirers Meetings: The dates for the next 5 meetings which are all on Sundays at 2pm are:   2nd Nov,  7th Dec 2008, 4th Jan, 1st Feb, 1st march 2009. They are held at Christ Church Hall, Christ Church Street, Roughlee Road, Christ Church Square, Accrington Lancashire. BB5 2LU. Everyone welcome. (click here for details)
Pen pals group web site: This group continues to write to our children with letters of encouragement. We are always hopeful that some pen pals will one day become sponsors. Our visiting teams help write letters for the children. Click on the headings to see the photos:
Letters received,

Future Trips: See details on our home / index page.

Please email if you are at all interested


Sponsorship - Finance: As ever - finance is an ongoing concern. For those still considering sponsoring or co-sponsoring please see our list of names for sponsorship. Click here
To learn more about sponsorship we have produced a 4 page Question and Answer sheet (click here).

Money boxes: As you can see our total collected from the money boxes is over £8,460.44 as of 25/05/2008. Cathy Riley is still looking after the new money boxes, both issuing them, banking the proceeds and issuing receipts. If you want one email Bex and she will pass on your request to Cathy.

Satellite Internet: No further news. Still too expensive

Possible bore hole: See above

Mains Power: No news - still waiting but they say our job is next!!!!!!!!!!!

UK team changes: Please visit the home page for a link to details of our UK team members.

Tanzania team changes: Please visit the home page for details.


And Finally: Thank you so much for being interested enough in our work to be reading this. Even more if by your donation you have made this work possible.

N.B. (Please note that this web site is accessible world wide and so we are very careful to only publish the bare facts as truthfully as possible. There are often circumstances upon which decisions have been made which we feel unable to publish. Please contact us directly if you need to know more)


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Photos from the July 2008 trip (over 300)

Parachute Fun (11pics), Serengeti trip (25pics), Jesca’s village (38pics),
Various (10pics), Letters (48pics), Eva’s boys (12pics), Returned students (2pics),
Chores (33pics), Prospective students (7pics),  Individual children (15pics),

 Choir Practice (34pics), Groups (22pics), Volunteer teachers (12pics),
Volunteers (36pics)

Photos taken during the April - May trip 2008 (over 400)

Chores (64pics), Hippings School (6pics),  Letters (51pics), Computers (10pics),
Assembly and Presentations (12pics), Choir Practice (109pics),  Building work (30pics),

Volunteers (83pics), Girls at Forever Angels (2pics),  Games (6pics), Groups (27 pics),

Individual Children (69pics), New girls (6pics)

Photos taken during the January -February trip (over 500)

Agriculture (54 pics),  Dairy Cows (37 pics),  Toddlers Dorms -refurbishment (39 pics),

UV Filter (8 pics), Small solar water heater tower (78 pics),

Large solar water heater tower (92 pics), Groups of Children ( 40pics ), Sunday Service (26pics),

Individual Children (99pics),   Boys Portrait Pics ( 61pics),  Girls Portrait Pics (62pics),

Standard 1 Children (9pics),  Swinging Fun ( 20pics),  January trip volunteers (38pics),

Letters received (31pics), Danger children at work ( 81pics),  Views around the site (22pics),

Sunrise-sets (40 pics),  David’s Pictures (69pics), Eliada and Daniel’s new baby (4 pics),
(Captions with names of children have been added by Eva, Jesca and Rehema)

Extract from ‘Amy’s News’ from the Forever Angels web -site

Photos from the September trip 2007 (over 500)

Mwanza Lion’s visit ( 3pics), David’s Pics ( 30pics), New Manager’s house (14pics)

Around the site (12pics), Beans and Rice! ( 16pics), Old Boys dorm (17pics),

Tint Tots dorm (13pics), Letter writing ( 28pics), Local school bore-hole (4pics)

At Play ( 19pics), Agriculture (23pics), New Multi-purpose building (16pics),

Education ( 6pics), Letters received ( 85pics), Groups of children (26pics)

 Singing and Dancing ( 62pics), Individual children (81pics), Chores (59pics)

 Ian Redfearn (15pics),   Sunrise/sets (34pics), Best Photo’s (36pics)

Report: by Ian Redfearn

Latest News September 2007: Our 8 students have now just finished their first day at Accrington and Rossendale College. Here are the latest pictures:
Welcome for Students at Accrington and Rossendale College (65pics)

Day out to Lord’s House Farm (30 pics)

A walk in the countryside (72 pics)


Photo’s from the July-August trips: (over 600pics)

Mkula Orphanage (3pics),  Letter writing (43pics), Rounders (36pics),

Letter received (44pics), Skipping (23pics), Play (21pics), Football (8pics),

Crop growing (38pics), Groups of children (36pics), Lessons (13pics)  Chores (64pics),
New Children (9pics),  Individual Children (71pics), Singing Practice (45pics),

Building progress (26pics), Visitors (52pics), Views (39pics), Thumbnails (40pics),
Minibus (9pics), Accrington College students (8pics)

Photos from the May trip (800+)

New wedge-wood Shoes (16 pics),  New children (11 pics),  New bike (12 pics),
Volunteer joiners (120 pics),  Chores (28 pics),  Building work progress (29 pics),
Letters received (16 pics),  Lessons (77 pics),  Games (15pics), Play (25 pics),

Singing practice (126 pics), Groups of children (45 pics),  Individual children (65 pics),
May visitors (65 pics),  Village school (38 pics), Views (120 pics),

Last day at Bethany - all children with work done (67 pics)

Reports from May trip:

Report by John Brindle and Pat Bridge,  Report by Victoria Delaney,

Education facilities (as of May 2007),
Photos from the April trip (52): Assorted (52 pics)
Report from April Trip:
by Heather Jeffery

Pictures from the March 2007 Trip (over 500)

Maize harvest (40 pics), New Children (8 pics), Letters received ( 51 pics),
Letter writing (17 pics),  Individual children (50 pics), New multipurpose block (29 pics),
New volunteers accommodation (22 pics), Choir (58 pics), Children playing (20 pics),
Children at Work (24 pics), Food! (22 pics), Groups of children (22 pics),
Jemma and Roy (25 pics), Jemma’s (51 pics), Roy’s (66 pics),

Sky (47 pics)

Photos taken on the January 2007 trip (over 300)

Portrait Pics of girls (57pics), Portrait Pics of Boys (49pics), New Children (3pics)

Children at work (47pics), Groups Children (36pics), Individual Children (48pics)

Letters log-book (4pics), Accy College Students (8pics),  New Exercise books (13pics)

Sunrise-sets (152 pics)

Photos taken before, during and after
the children’s visit to the UK
(Sept 21st - Nov 6th) (many)
Thumb nail pics (27pics), Manchester Science Museum (47pics), Letters received (75pics)
Nyangeta’s new leg (6pics), Baby Ruth (22pics), Forever Angels (1 pic), 
Groups of children (43 pics), Singing Practice (73 pics),  Blackpool Zoo (142 pics),
Asda Accrington (9 pics), Fire Station - Accrington (50 pics), Ger-Hana (47pics)
Blackburn Rovers (24 pics), Gifts from America (7 pics), October 20th (36 pics),
Accrington College awards (15 pics), Bethany Hillside Nursery (19 pics),
Paul and Rebecca’s wedding (66 pics), September 28th (25 pics), Trutex Boxes arrive (4 pics)
St. Thomas’s Centre (43 pics), An English Playground (10 pics), Schools Work (92 pics)
B&Q visit (14pics), Ripon Cathedral (9pics), Central Gospel Mission, Nelson (27pics),
Local Primary School Tanz. (23 pics), Jemma’s Pics (23pics)
Children at work (32 pics), At Play - Tanz (14pics) Individual children (101 pics),
Water carrying (20 pics), Hapiness (2 pics), Manchester and Doha Airports (13 pics)
Arrival - Bethany (17 pics), Nairobi Airport 4hour wait (27 pics), Trampoline (18pics),
York visit (19pics)

Video footage:

Accrington College presentation (2.28mins - 28meg)

Photos taken on the July - August trip (over 800)

New outfits for the Bethany Choir (34pics), Doing the chores (16pics), Line dancing! (96pics)

English Lessons (34pics), Skipping and Games (25pics), Groups of Children (14pics)

Individual children (56pics), Donated percussion Instruments (9pics), Letters received (46pics)

Letters sent (3pics), Letter writing (67pics), New children (12pics), Return trip (52pics)

Singing practice (137pics), Sunrise - sunsets (70pics), Donated towels & clothes (11pics)

Trip -outbound (38pics), Views from the water tank (14pics), Visiting Teams (70pics)

Wildlife (20pics)

REPORTS by visiting group members: Cathy Riley, Rebecca Dyer, Karen Ross,

Photos taken on the July trip:

Letters received, (53pics), General interest (24pics)

Photos taken on the June-July Trip (over 750)

Dave at work (11pics), Amy Tew (15 pics),  New girl - Pendo (4pics)

Building work (30pics), Rhona and Stanley Burns (12pics), English Exams (32pics)

Stanley and Rhona’s photos (63pics), July Volunteer’s children (17pics),

Children working (21pics), Children Playing (29pics) Individual Children (79pics),

Groups children (16pics), Waiting for the bus (38pics), Sleepinn arrival (50pics),

 Sleepinn breakfast (24pics), Children with passports group A (12pics),

Children with passports group B (11pics), Children with passports group C (11pics),

Bus depot -1 (28pics), Bus depot -2 (20pics), Children and chips (17pics),

Letters received (43pics), Letter writing (33pics), Satellite Dish (11pics)
Children practicing dance and singing (95pics), Sunrise (34pics)


click here to download (low qualilty), click here to download (medium qualilty)


Photos from the April trip (over 550 photos)

New Children (13pics), Children at work (31pics), ‘100th Child’ party (50pics)

Building work-new classrooms etc. (28pics),  Letters received (34pics),

Letter writing (12pics), Joinery work (50pics), Plumbing work (26pics),
Teaching the children (English) (17pics), Children’s tooth care (9pics), Play (27pics),
Games (14pics), New seesaw (21pics), Singers (30pics), Visiting team (43pics),
Sponsored children (28pics), Groups of children (35pics), Individual children (50pics),

Members of the July Trip (4pics),  Sunrise/sets (29pics)
Reports on the trip by: John Brindle, Wendy Whitaker
and from a previous trip July 2005 by Gary Nolan

Photos from the March Trip (over 360) click on the various headings

Airport (15pics), Building work (29pics), Famine relief (8pics), Food! (37pics),
Groups of children (57pics), Individual children (88pics), Letters received (35pics),
Letter writing (25pics), Melissa (7pics), New children (22pics), Sunrise/sets (46pics)
Children working the land (22pics)

Photos from the January 2006 Trip (over 300) click on the various headings

New children (8pics), The visiting team (65pics), Villagers (105pics)

Inividual children (108pics), Groups of children (19pics), Activities (9pics)

Dining room (17pics), Singing (45pics), Awards (9pics), Letters (70pics)


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Teachers - 200pix

Karen, Vicky and Dave

Ngeme-Fred-Bugumia - 200pix

Ngeme, Fred and Bugumia

Choir Practice - 200pix

Choir practice

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shed girls 200

Students arrive in England

singing girls 200


Sophia and Elizabeth -200

Sophia and Elizabeth

 - YouTube -
Video July 2008
Visitor’s Choir - John3:16
Visitor’s choir- Thank you
Bethany choir song
Parachute fun
Soon and very soon
Oh be careful little eyes
Kum Ba Yah

Video May 2008
Sunday Service song

Our God is an awesome God

Sunday Service fun time
Eva Joseph teaching
How great thou art

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boys dorm plan v2 - 200pix

Plans for new boys dorm to accommodate 148 boys.
click here for larger plan

 - YouTube
Some short video clips of the children on YouTube for all to see:
Message from Emma

Oh be careful little eyes
Any dream will do
The lion sleeps tonight
Choir Practice
Spring Harvest 2004
Celebration of new dorm
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 72 children still need

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Countries wealth compared
For every £7 the Tanzanian government has to spend (GDP) on each person these are the figures for comparison







South Africa


United Kingdom


As you can see both Kenya and Uganda have nearly twice as much money to spend per person as Tanzania whilst the South African government has 17 times the amount to spend on it’s people.
The UK government has 44 times the amount to spend per person.
Click here to see  the source of these figures.


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‘Our God is an awesome God’

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‘Our God is an awesome God’

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Video tour of the new dorm

dorm 2000202

Below are listed the videoed songs in WMV format.
Even though each one lasts no more than a few minutes they are large files and may take several minutes to download
(especially if you only have a dial-up modem).
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Blessed Assurance

The lion sleeps tonight

Any dream will do (Joseph’s - dreamcoat)

I the Lord of sea and Sky

My Jesus my Saviour

Lord I lift your name on high